Chapter 54: Inflation is the fate of a series (1)

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After taking dinner, took a bath, then pretend to go to bed, I invited Ai to my room.

[I’m quite unsure if that is a rabbit or what, but I can feel a very bad aura from it]

Ai-chan, whose kin was still flushed after taking a bath, looked at the black rabbit while showing wariness. Her instinct sure is sharp.

[This is your first-time meeting, Ai? Don’t worry he’s not going to bite you]


Kurousa raised its paws and greets her

[Don’t tell me I’m going to fight this guy?]

Oh Ai-chan is unusually timid. Normally she acts like a mad dog but now she’s like a small creature.

[No way I’m making you fight it. I’m not that much of a bad guy]

I shook my head. If I let Kurousa drinks too much blood of a miko and gain enough curse, he’ll eventually turn into a human. I won’t allow it to happen, don’t deprive me of my mofu-mofu!

[Then what will we do?]

[Before I explain, can you give me your hand?]


Ai-chan extend her hands with a quizzical look and I took her hand.

[Okay we’re jumping]

I kicked the attaché case open revealing a bundle of money.


Kurousa activates her power at the cost of the bundle of money.


Before I could say anything, our bodies were enveloped bin lights

[We’ve arrived! Guh the sun shine’s so bright!]

Standing at the mountainside I squinted at the sun.

[What did you do out of the blue? Wait? Where are we?]

Ai chan said in distress

[Currently where in Central Mexico, near the ruin of Aztec Civilization. It’s early morning due to the difference in time]

I looked into the distance and smile at the desolate desert that stretch on.

[Ruins? Are you f*cking with me? You think you’re smart? I said make me strong, not to go sightseeing]

Ai said glaringly as if she will snap my neck at the spot not for Kurousa.

[I wonder, each person has a matching mythical archetype, and in your case Scylla’s method won’t work for you… You fit the sun archetype and the Aztec and Amaterasu have something in common in a sense the facility here would be better fit for our purpose. The fact that you are mismatched to Scylla’s method is the cause that you didn’t become a Hydra]

I said.

[I don’t care about your theory! Where’s the enemy? Let me kill!]

[You’re too impatient Ai-chan. Rabbit please]


The black rabbit then touches the rock face and then perform a cute dance that has the potential to garner lots of view if they can see her.

[Release the key]

I then picked up a stone and carved Quetzalcoatl-like seal on the wall. Then the double lock was released revealing an interior wall with metallic color in contrast to the ancient ruins,

[Fufufu, I can feel it! I can really feel I’m here. I should have brought more weapon]

Ai’s body starts to radiates heat and her pink hair’s hues turn redder. A red dragon crest appears on her porcelain white skin just like her code name: the red striped agate.

Her figure of licking her lips looks like that of a dragon.

(I think I like this fire attribute; it looks like melon bread)

By the way Sophia AI’s rival belongs to the ice attribute.

[You don’t need weapon because you’ll be sent in a spiritual world so physical attack won’t do you so much. Just use your imagination and guts to fight. Also don’t die there]

[hahahahaa, kill, kill, kill, kill]

Whether she heard my advice or not is questionable Since Ai chan ran as fast as she could towards the interior of the ruins. The door close as soon she was inside.

Dad would be ecstatic if he learned about the secret of this ruins but I still won’t tell him for he will approach the abyss of the world and climatic hazard will then hit the world if I do.

Chapter 54: Inflation is the fate of a series (1)

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