Chapter 55: Inflation is the fate of a series (2)

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[I’ll take a break then, want some jerky?]

I took out the beef jerky I had in my pocket.


Kurousa started biting into the jerky

[Oh by the way did you bring that?]


The rabbit then pulled an ice cold soft-drink using her space time power.

[If we talk about Mexico it’s all about Coke isn’t it?]

Coke and jerky really goes together.

[Pii, pi, pii!]

[Here, want some?]


I held out one bottle of Coke to Kurousa where it receives it and gulped it down.

[I wonder how far can she go? If she made it through to the third ordeal, her flame abilities would greatly level up so I hope she reaches it.]

In Aztec Mythology, there’s the legend about suns. The world was supposedly been destroyed four times already and we are currently in the fifth sun and in analogy for this, there are five stage of ordeal as well.


The rabbit scratched the ground with its hind legs while chewing it’s second jerky.

3 = O

4 =X

[I knew you’d think so too! The boss of the fourth trial is a water type meaning she would be in trouble]

[Piyo, Piyo!]

And like that we enjoy ourselves chatting and drinking Coke.

(Well in <Hateboshi> even a scrum would even be to get through the first ordeal or even reach the second on right?)

This time I used the gimmick used on the third and final series, <On the edge of the universe> also known as <Hateboshi>. This game’s story scale is enlarged to the point that the plot is all about fighting invaders from outer space in a global scale just like Muv-Luv. Gods that appear here in Kumosora would appear in that game and will be revealed that they are higher dimensional being. In this game there’s an even where every citizen of earth would be empowered to fight against the invaders.

The strong ones became stronger and the weak ones gain strength on their own way. I’m trying to exploit that and get ahead.

Of course, there are other myhtological sites all over the world but I didn’t chose this place in random. I already assessed that Ai-chan Is genetically compatible to this side of the wold through psychological assessment.

It’s obvious that Aztec culture which is based on sacrificial system suited Ai so I didn’t have to choose other.

I wonder, it’s already been an hour.

[Eh? Seriously? Amanouzume is like that? Even I am not sure about that]


While I was having a conversation with the rabbit, about the myth behind the myth and is about to reach an indecent topic, the rock face began to clatter and the wall open up. Ai emerged from it expressionless and in a daze.

When she was about to fall down I catch her and supported her body. It looks like she have used up all of her strength and now both her hair and skin have now returned to normal hues.

In the real world only an hour have passed but in the psychic world it could have been months or even years so it’s only natural that she’s very tired.

[Are you ok?]

I ask while offering a Dr. Pepper which was the second drink that I was drinking with Kurousa.

[That was so much fun! There are giants, jaguar, enormous f*cking bird and lots and lots of enemy!]

Ai said ecstatically just like a little girl who went to a certain mouse’s land where copyrights are heavily enforced. She gulped down the Cr. Pepper with no regards about the carbonation.

[Now you know that I’m a man of my word, don you?]

[Yeah, I was never been interested in men at all, because they’re all small fry but you’re different. Now give me more power give me more!]

Ai grabs me by the chest and shakes me. She’s like a drug junkie who has run out of her favorite drugs.

[Nope, you need to let your body get used to your new found power first before you go any further. Increasing your power rapidly would be dangerous. Anyway, did you get through all five ordeals in the first place?]

[You see, the woman in jade skirt defeated me! She turned me into a fish and threw me out of that fun world! I want more power so I can kill her and have my revenge]

Ai-chan said in a voice of regret and hugged my body like a koala.

(Just like we expected, she only reached the third level… still it’s not bad she may have been the strongest currently on the whole world)

That just means we reached our goal in advance.

[That’s up to Ai if you want to have more. Remember we give and take that’s the deal right?]

[Yuuki is quite a handsome guy. Do you want to all the girls around you fell for you? Do you want to make a harem?]

[I’m doing this protect those important to me]

[Really? I’ll put up with this for today. I’m going to be a good dog for now, so I’ll continue to love you, Master~]

Saying that Ai chan licked my cheek like a dog.

This situation would make any lolicon rejoice but I don’t have any leaning on that fetish rather I was thinking that I got dirty with dust and saliva and have to take another bath again, which is slightly disrespectful to Ai-chan.

Chapter 55: Inflation is the fate of a series (2)

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