Chapter 14: the F-Rank me is Dreading Over my Re-Examination

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Here I am sitting inside a four-tatamis sized room with blank walls and ceiling with electrodes sticking in my body. This room is called the precision examination room, where the ECD would examines the status of those whom the division deemed to require to examine the status again.

Normally, an individual can have their status examine using the status checker that can be found on the ECD counter in every prefecture. It is a thick black iPad-like device where an individual put his or her hands for 30 seconds and would display the individual’s status. I have used it as well, three months ago after the mandate of every citizen to register their status and submit a magic stone.

Sadly, the day I took my first assessment, turned my world upside-down after revealing my F-Rank status and once again I have to undergo the status re-examination.

The first reason that an individual is reassessed is when a person performed above one’s rank for defeating a monster above and the other reason is if the individual was initially assessed to be of F-rank but upon further inspection is an E-Rank or have a special skill that was overlooked in the status checker.

The second case is if the person may have been involved in a crime. There’s some rare instances where there are those who have skills that allows to disguise their status, and many of them missed by the simple assessment, and unfortunately I’m suspected of the second case and was strapped in this chair.

I am definitely not involved in any criminal activities, but at the same time it is true I possessed skill that could be troublesome if exposed and I feel I’m literally a fish in the chopping board now.

I had no choice but to be professional about it and have my status assessed again.

The device emits a low buzzing sound, and at the same time I felt a sensation that someone is meddling with my head. And after 10 minutes, I was released from the device.

I was led back to the room where I had been <interviewed> by Mr. Yotsumaki and Sanada this morning and was asked to wait for a while.

 My anxiety grows while I was waiting. What should I do? I hear that by using the precision testing device, every known skill that exist in this world would be revealed.

It’s natural that they would find out about my <Falsification> Skill. They may also find out about my <Otherworld Transfer> and <Language Conversion>.

It’s not too late. Should I tell them everything honestly?

While I was wondering what to do the door to the room opened and Mr. Yotsumaki then entered the alongside Mr. Sanada. I couldn’t fix my gaze in them, and I was confident that they were looking at me as if I was acting suspiciously but then Mr. Yotsumaki spoke.

[Thank you for your hardwork Mr. Nakamura]


[This is the result of Mr. Nakamura’s precise assessment]

My anxiety was getting too high and I started to feel out of the loop, so I looked down at the paper that was handed to me.

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: male

Age: 20

Strength: 1/100

Intelligence: 1/100

Endurance 1/100

Magic Defense 0/100

Concentration 0/100

Evasion 0/100

HP 10/99

MP 0/100

Available magic: None

Skill: none


I did a double take.


There’s no skill shown on the paper or anything…

It’s the same with the result of the first simple evaluation

Now I’m given the result of a precise assessment and as I prepare my self when Mr. Yotsumaki then bowed his head to me.

[I’m sorry Mr. Nakamura. There’s was nothing suspicious about your skill, status or magic]


Then this is really the result of the precise assessment?

<Falsification> isn’t detected?

[Thank you for your cooperation, do you want us to send you back?]

For some unknown reason my <falsification> was able to hide my unusual status and skill.

I declined their offer of a ride home and left the ECD office. It’s a beautiful day outside, and the sun was shining brightly. I took the public transport and made it back to my apartment before noon

After taking a break in my room, I was thinking about what I would do in the afternoon while eating a cup of ramens I had left over.

My invitation to the ECD office threw away all my schedule in disarray but I should probably head for Isdifui as I originally planned.

I had left the luggage at the <Raging Giant’s Pavilion> which had my phone, and if I move now, I might be teleported to the forest while the sun is still high, then maybe there aren’t any monster that strong right?

I hope there wasn’t.

While thinking of it I put on the leather armor and the iron sword that I stored in the closet, and as I was about to activate <Otherworldly Transfer> suddenly the door was violently slammed

-bang, bang, bang!

The heart jumped.

Who could that be?

Did the ECD found something on my status and was chasing after me?

While I was frozen with my heart pounding fast, the guy who was pounding the door unlocked it.

[Oi! Naka-buta! I know you’re in here! Don’t play me for the fool! I knew you’re in there!]

The man who entered my room is Hiroto Sato, a bespectacled skinny and gangly man around high school age, we were classmate in high school we used to hangout together in the past but after he was assessed to be a C-Rank and me being an F-Rank that relationship shattered.

Sato, like Yamada often called me his luggage carrier only considered me a toy to be played with. Last Saturday Sato and his team force med to join them as a luggage carrier as we conquered a class D dungeon that lead me to be almost got killed by the Argos, though it also led me to gain the skill <Otherworld Transfer> and was able to level up.

Sato glared at me and shouted in frustration

[Why did you turned off your phone? Are you that annoyed to answer my call? Huh!]

[No I lost my phone yesterday]

[Lost your phone? That’s just like you dumb ass! By the way what are you wearing?]

I then checked my appearance. I was in my armor and my iron sword on my waist since I was about to move to Isdifui.

Sato look at me ridiculously

[Hey hey hey, Maka-buta don’t you looked like a full fledge adventurer? What’s that?  A cosplay?]

[This is for… in case of emergency]

[You bought that stuff because of the Argos incident but honestly that look shabby even the E-Rank has way better equipment]

Sato said with a condescending tone. I was so frustrated that I dropped my sword and tried to take off my armor but he stopped me.

[you don’t have to remove it  you’re going with us on that attire ]


[We’re going to dive in the fifth dungeon of Sasayama this afternoon]

[I don’t know that]

[It’s your fault for losing your phone!]

I’m not sure what would happen but I hope this works and thus my plan for today changed for the second time.

Chapter 14: the F-Rank me is Dreading Over my Re-Examination

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