Chapter 57: Excellent Yakuza Protecting the Town (2)

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[-It looks like our young people were in the way yesterday. I’m really trouble because of their bloodthirst.]

The boss who is in kimono that appeared quietly spit out template Yakuza lines and sat down the sofa facing me across the table

[No, no. thanks to you I learned a various thing.]

I answered with a cool face.

[that’s nice to have such dignity. Let’s post the line of the boss later. – scene 41, start!]

[I came alone, so give him back! Give him back!]

A small play starts playing in the background. It’s ruining the serious atmosphere, but I’m going to ignore it.

[you’re quite a very special man, aren’t you? So, what brings you to my house?]

The boss took out a pack of cigarettes. His subordinate quickly lit it up. it seems that the boss also made a mistake but I can read the mood.

[Yuuki-kun could you bow your head a little, the picture is being covered]

Dir. Shirayama is noisy.

[Yes, I’m here to apologize for my rudeness and have come to show my <sincerity> for my past rudeness]

I bailed lightly.

[Then put it here]

He said while tapping the ashtray on the table, so I handed the paper bag to him.

[Is this okay director?]

Sayuri-chan. This isn’t a comedy contest so why don’t you stop saying those line in response to my actions?


The boss scoffs his chin. A thug under his command accepts the paper bag I offer him.

After inspecting the bag’s content, the thug whispered something to the boss.

[Is this your sincerity?]

The boss’ gaze become stern

[Yes. These are Nubatama dumplings, a local specialty. Please enjoy them with everyone.]

Did you think that there’s some yellow candy at the bottom?

They’re really just dumplings that Tama-chan woke up early and painstakingly cooked

[I’m going to ask you one more time. Isa this really your <sincerity>?]

[Is it not enough? How much do you want? We are only allowed to bring as much as we can hold]

[Yes, that’s right. I’m so sorry. I knew that I should have said hello to you who have been in the local area by many years already, but I would like to make an excuse. I refrained contacting you to avoid being accused of collusion]

I blurted out some vague excuses

The double provocation between me and Sayuri had decided it!


Suddenly, the boss changed his attitude and kicked the table. With a bang the ashtray landed with a thud on my ground under my ferret.

[What? Are you pissed off too? I showed you my sincerity as a worker of the same community by greeting you in this manner. What do you want more?]

[SINCERITY IS NOT A WORD! It’s the money! Even if you don’t have a hair on you d*ck you know how to count money! Oh?]

The boss put one of his legs on the table flung one of his kimono’s shoulders showing a tattoo of a moth,

Woah, nice body.

[You’re just a timid porcupine. Even if you brag about the sharpness of the needle, it’ll just be useless!]

I tried saying that I have a good idea.

Of course, it’s a provocation. I feel like driving a mini-car slowly on an over-taking lane on the highway.

[I see you’re making fun of us huh. I’ll make sure to make you bow properly!]

And with a bang the back door opens and a number of thugs came flooding in with guns sword and other weapons

[Are you resorting to violence? You seem to forgot that you’re being filmed]

[I don’t give a sh*t! If you smash that camera, I’ll leave you alone! Or maybe we can use it to shoot pornographic movie with you little girls!]

The boss said in a domineering smile. This boss is a dirty old man who would try to get his hands on Mika on the future.

[Is this your sincerity? Then let’s do this your way.]

[From this moment’ I’ll be the demon that even the demon fears]

Oi Sayuri-chan don’t steal my cool moment

Chapter 57: Excellent Yakuza Protecting the Town (2)

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