Chapter 15: The F-Rank me met a kind C-Rank Healer

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Translation note

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Sasayama Dungeon the 5th dungeon in N City is a D class dungeon located in the middle of Sasayama that is in the border of the neighboring prefecture. I had dived this dungeon before for about five times as a luggage carrier with Sato and his party.

The interior of the dungeon is like a mesh of earthen walls, and was the home for the D-Class monsters called Earth Lizards that are over 5 meter tall and could neither be compared to crocodiles nor any lizard that ever roamed the lands.

Sato is a C-Rank attack mage who specialize in fire magic and prefers to fight against earth lizards because of its earth attribute which is a good match for him

Sato the “ordered” me to come by at 2:00 pm and left my room. I had no choice so I left to stop by at the university to report my absence for the afternoon lecture and headed to the dungeon

When I arrived, there are about 10 people already gathered in the dungeon, I knew most of them except for one who looks like a new comer.

She’s a kind looking woman with chestnut colored hair that fell straight down her back and wearing a brown robe that probably have some kind of magic on them.

When I bowed to her, she greeted me

[Nice to meet you! I’m Shiori Sekiya and I’m a C Rank Healer]

[Oh- hi! I’m Takashi Nakamura an… F Rank. I’ll be your luggage carrier for today]

I glanced at her face.

Except from same F Ranks, almost everyone who heard my introduction would show the same common expression of mockery and pity, it wasn’t a good feeling for me. However, Sekiya-san held her hand to me


[You’re going to carry our luggage today, aren’t you? I’m looking forward working with you.]

She smiled at me and as I was about to reach out Sato then interrupted

[Oh, sorry Shiori-chan you can leave him alone. Come with me, I’ll explain about today’s dungeon]

I withdrew my hand that I was about to hold out. After they finished discussing about the dungeon strategy Sato approached me.

[Hey, what’s with the armor?]

I am currently on my usual long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans while I have my leather armor and sword in my back pack.

[because I dropped by university and I didn’t have time to change]

When he heard my excuse, he clicked his tongue.

[You should change your equipment before entering the dungeon]

His intention was clear, he want to make fun of me in front of everyone for wearing a beat-up armor and sword. Then again there might be something that might happen, so I equipped my armor and sword and when they saw me after they are blatantly amused and some of them are holding their stomach laughing.

[Adventurer, right?]

[What can an F Rank do with a weapon?]

[Oi Naka-buta please do me a favor and don’t kill me with laughter before I dive into the dungeon]

Only Sekiya look sorry at me.

[okay, let’s go!]

After taking a few moment of making fun of me, Sato then signaled the dive and I followed them at the end of the line.

Nothing seems to change inside of the dungeon since our last visit, there’s still counted branching of tunnels with dimly lit earthen walls and Earth Lizards appearing from time to time and Sato and his party defeating them without a hitch.

While exploring the dungeon, Sato walked along side Sekiya-san and talked to her and based on their conversations, it seems like he invited Sekiya-san to the dungeon for the first time today. It seems like he’s interested in her.

But why would you try to seduce a woman in a dungeon?

I looked coldly at Sato who was talking with a humble smile which is quite the opposite of what he was doing to me.

Eventually, around two hours in to the exploration we arrived at the place we that we haven’t reached before. It’s a hall with a large ceiling and one member then called out to Sato.

[What are we going to do? We haven’t been here before]

[We still have time; would you like to go in further?]


Today’s encounter rate for the Earth Lizards is quite low and we only gathered 8 magic stones currently, so Sato and his party decided to dive deeper. When we came at the center, we heard a roar of multiple Earth Lizards coming out of the Hall’s perimeter.


The hall seems like it is connected to several tunnels and from each tunnel earth lizards emerges.

There were ten of them.

Sato screamed in a hurry.

[This is bad! Everyone spread out!]

The earth lizards that appeared then attacked us all at once. There’s 3 C Rank which include Sato and Sekiya-san and 7 D-ranks. Although the number is the same and there’s only 10 earth lizard which is a D Rank monster, you still need to have six D Rank people in order to fight it.

Until now the earth lizards would appear solo and their able to defeat it with no difficulty but now it become a melee and Sekiya who had been being protected by Sato until now was forced to face an earth lizard directly

She’s a C Rank but is a healer so her original combat prowess isn’t that high, but because of the sheer reason of her Crank status, she was able to avoid some of the Earth Lizard’s attack however she was late on one of the attacks that came from her blind side. I quickly run up to her and push her out of the way while still carrying my luggage. And instead of her I was the one that was sent flying but there’s not much pain in my body. It seems like the luggage act as cushion.

The earth lizard then tried to attack me again so I pulled out my short sword and slashed at it only to deal a minor damage.

Then I saw Sekiya-san rushing to me.

[I’ll heal you now Nakamura-san!]

Sekiya-san muttered as she ran toward me. Her gloves glows in pale blue light and she seems like preparing a water-based recovery spell.

The earth lizard who was attacking me noticed Sekiya-san who was rushing towards me, it turned its attention to her.

[Sekiya-san, I’m fine! Go ran away!]

[What are you talking about? You don’t have any HP left!]

I was surprised to hear her say that. She might have thought that I was severely injured when she saw me, an F Rank getting blown away by the earth lizards

[It’s fine even if I look like this, my body is sturdy!]

[How can you be sturdy if you’re an F Rank?!]

Even if somewhat angry Sekiya avoided the earth dragon’s attack and came to my side. she immediately pressed her right hand that was glowing in a pale blue light towards my chest.

Something warm entered my body and immediately Sekiya-san’s face turned quizzical for a moment


However, the next moment the earth lizard attacked us, I quickly rolled to protect Sekiya-san by holding her and the next thing I knew we were thrown into the air and found ourselves falling towards the bottom of a vertical hole.

Chapter 15: The F-Rank me met a kind C-Rank Healer

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