Chapter 58: Highly Developed Magic Resembled a CG Effect

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[You’re a little old man and little old man-]

[Finally, it’s my turn! I was so bored I was about to fall asleep]

Scarlet flash fluttered to the sky. Before the boss can speak, his subordinates were rolling on the floor without a sound.

[Are they alright? You didn’t kill them?]

[They’re fine. They just collapse from anemia. I just made sure to cut the tendons in his legs and arms just in case]

Ai answered while licker her fingernails. It looks like Ai was able to wound, suck out the blood and cauterized it all in the instant.

[As expected of the sharpness of Quetzalcoatl’s claws]

Ai’s claws are not something she brought with her but an ability she acquired in the power-up training. Now Ai can even use wind attribute in addition to her fire attribute. Over all she is a nice attacker with good attack power and swiftness.

[Great effects! This one look like it could be used as is without any restriction! -ah Sayuri-san. Since we’re here might as well borrow a real sword from a yakuza lying there as a prop. The handle on that one looks more like it’s been used.]

The director said with a clap. He’s more scarier than the yakuza.

[Hey what the hell are you guys? What the hell did you do!]

[How does it feel to go from being the hunter to being the hunted? Old man.]

Ai chan says in a provocative way that sounds like a representative of Japan’s children. Then her claw scattered the boss’ clothes like confetti


The boss fell on his butt.

[Come on, let’s start playing tag! If you don’t get out of here fast, I’m going to eat you~!]

Then Ai mimicked a lion by saying <Gao, Gao, Gao>

It’s cute but…

[Ai, work properly till the end]

[Dealing with this small fish is boring, I wish they put up more fight]

Ai then takes a look at the boss who was crawling away from her.

[I want to get a better shot of this. I want a few more shots!]

Dir. Shirayama suddenly shouted. The hell, are you crazy? I want you to stop now, you’re going to raise all these kinds of bad flags


The boss run away towards the back door and tries to buy time by using the hidden doors and stuff but it was meaningless because of Ai’s claw can slash through the walls. It was so sharp you wish you can buy one on a TV shopping channel.

[Oops, I slashed the pillar and it’s going to collapse]

[If Sayuri and the rest got hurt, I will never take you <there> again!]

[I know that already, master!]


Ai blew away the falling debris with a shock wave of flames.

[Sayuri! I know this isn’t in the script, but give me some ad-libs]

[I’ll let you choose whether you want to be a red Oni or a black Oni!]

Such professionalism from Sayuri who is still acting in this situation.

[Dammit what the hell! This-this can’t be happening! Don’t you dare joke with Saigagumi!!!!]

The boss jumps into the driver seat of a dump truck while his forehead is bleeding, with the engine roaring, exhaust smoking and the front light shining he drove the truck towards us intently trying to kill us.

[Do you think that a heap of metal is enough to kill me? Who do you think gave mankind the power to melt iron in the first place?]

Ai laughs loudly, she then clasped her hand as if she’s praying and raised them to heavens. She then swung it down towards the incoming truck and her hand releases a heat ray cutting it into two. Flame and smoke rise up


The boss rolls out of the bisected truck.

[Where are you going? I need more blood, give me more blood. I need more bloods for the gods]

Ai-chan pursued the boss who was scalded heavily by flames with no hesitation and attacked him. After beating him to and turned him to a pulp and draining his blood to the point of lethality.

[Sayuri the wind is blowing! If you went to the right side, you can avoid the flames! Put your feet on the wreckage of the truck! Yes! That one! That one!]

The director is really on the roll. [Sei-Fuku-Kan]

Sayuri with an ecstatic look on her face thrust her sword into the gravel that spilled from the dump truck.

(Well let’s call a chopper to carry these guys to the hospital affiliated with mom)

I avert my eyes and pretend I didn’t see anything and took out my mobile phone. Then I contacted a chartered helicopter that I had prepared in advance.

Chapter 58: Highly Developed Magic Resembled a CG Effect

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