Chapter 16: The F Rank Me Gets Excited After Seeing a Girl’s Bra

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[Ugh… Sekiya-san are you okay?]

I called out to Sekiya-san who is still holding onto me. She was stunned for a while, but suddenly pulled away herself after she noticed the situation, we’re in.

[Ah sorry. Are you okay Nakamura -san? Are you hurt anywhere?]

[I feel a little sore here and there but it doesn’t look like I am hurt badly as well]

As I was talking, I stood up too.

Looking around I find nothing that can serve as an entrance nor an exit for this place that looks like it’s as large as a standard school class room. When I looked up, I only saw a gaping hole 10 meters above us. I guess we fell from there towards to this vertical hole.

What should we do now?

It seems impossible to climb up this vertical mud wall so I guess we should just sit tight and wait for rescue.

Come to think of it I wonder what happened to Sato and hist party?

As I was thinking about it, I noticed Sekiya-san staring at me.

[Hmm- What’s wrong?]

I was not used to being stared at by a beautiful woman, so I stuttered.

[Erm… Nakamura-san, you’re an F-Rank, aren’t you?]

[I’m ashamed to say that I am.]


I was startled.

On the surface I and an F-Rank but after defeating monster and leveling up my current status is as follows

Level 41

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Strength 1(+40)

Intelligence 1(+40)

Endurance 1(+40)

Magic Defense 0(+40)

Concentration 0(+40)

Evasion 0(+40)

HP 10(+400)

MP 0(+40)

Available magic: None

Skill: <Otherworld Transfer><Language Translation>


Iron Sword (Atk +10)

Leather Armor (Def+15)

Originally, I had only 1 Endurance in my stats and HP of 10, but because of my level up it increases to 41 for Endurance and 410 for HP. I guess it’s thanks to this status that I have not been fatally wounded even after being flung away by an earth lizard and falling 10 meters down a vertical hole.

However, I just survived a redetermination by the ECD this morning and it also seems too risky to tell Sekiya-san things about me.

[Normally, even if you survived an attack from the earth lizard, the fall from 10 meters would be fatal or be severely injured even if you have 100 HP]

She pointed

[Maybe this Armor is useful]

I said as an excuse.

[does it have high defense?]

[I don’t know, my relative just gave it to me]

I replied, even though I was confused.

Her eyes become more sharper

[Does Nakamura san use <Concealment> skill?]


<Concealment> skill?

From the term it seems like it’s an ability to hide one status. I heard that there are people who hide their abilities and hide in dungeon then commit crimes inside it such as murders. I was suspected just this morning by the ECD and was sent for re-assessment.

[Well, I don’t have that kind of skill, and there’s no point in me hiding my ability in the first place because I don’t have it…]

I don’t have the <Concealment> but I do have < Falsification> though and as a small-minded person my heart is beating quite frantically.

Sekiya-san then looked at me sternly but soon relaxed her shoulders.

[Any way thanks for covering for me]

[It’s nothing]

Finally, I am secretly relieved as the talks finally got diverted.

[Anyway, what should we do?]

[Maybe Sato and the rest would be able to get through here and get help from the outside or the ECD might come in and help once they noticed the situation.]

After all it doesn’t seem that Ms. Sekiya san have any good idea on how to get out of this place. As I settled down, I noticed that this place is uncharacteristically hot. Maybe where near a geothermal heat source? It’s obvious that this place is hotter than in any other part of the dungeon.

I immediately starting to get thirsty. However, the water rations are in the backpack that I was carrying and they’re not here unfortunately.

I glanced at Sekiya san and noticed that she’s also in pain. Time passed without any conversation when suddenly.


Suddenly Sekiya-san collapsed


I rushed over to her, and it seems like she’s dazed. Her forehead was covered with sweat. Perhaps she’s dehydrated. What am I going to do? I need to get water somehow.

I once again examined every nook and crannies of the place but the only thing that I can see are dry hard dirt.

There’s no place to get any water, and my head is also starting to hurt too.

[This is bad…If I didn’t get water from somewhere, I would die of heat stroke before the rescue could come.]

That’s right! I activated my <Otherworld Transfer> skill.

The next moment, I was standing in the forest where I was left behind by the mysterious woman last night.

The cool night breeze made me feel alive again even for a bit.

I carefully listened to my surrounding while I held my short sword.

I found no signs of strong monster around but I’m hearing some flowing sound somewhere. I move cautiously at the direction of the sound and after five minutes I reached a stream flowing through the forest.

I took a sip to test it out.


I plunged my face into the stream and gulped some water down, I think this was the first time in my life that I tasted water this good.

After taking a breath I pondered. How can I bring this water to Sekiya-san? I don’t have anything fancy like a glass. Should I repeatedly use <otherworld transfer> while scooping up water with my hand? But somehow it sounds extremely inefficient.

After thinking for a while, I took of my leather armor and my long-sleeved T-shirt and put back my armor only and soak the shirt in the river then after thoroughly washing it off I soaked it again and activated <Otherworld Transfer> allowing me to bring water to Sekiya-san.

Once I returned back to the vertical hole, I started to feel the heat again and Sekiya-san’s appearance doesn’t seem to have change

I hesitated at first to squeeze my shirt over her face but decided to go with it and squeeze water to her mouth.

[Goho- Goho-]

She choked a little but it seems like she’s still a bit dazed. If I remembered right, you should try lowering the heat stroke patient’s body temperature. And Sekiya-san I swearing a brown robe which looks like would cause heat stroke.

[Sekiya-san! Sorry!]

While apologizing I made Sekiya-san took off her robe. I also unbuttoned her blouse that she is wearing underneath, revealing a pretty pink bra covering her breast.

[This is an emergency- this is an emergency…]

I unbuttoned all the button of her blouse and stripped off her bosom chanting like an incantation and once again activated <Otherworld Transfer> then I once again bought my soaked t-shirt to the river squeezed it to her mouth again and wiped her body with it, repeating the process. While I was wiping her body for the third time, I heard a voice calling out from above.

[Hey’s who’s there?]

I look above and saw someone peeking through the hole. It was not long after that we are rescued by Sanada-San from the ECD Section.

Chapter 16: The F Rank Me Gets Excited After Seeing a Girl’s Bra

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