Chapter 59 Crank up! (Part2)

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[Good evening, Sayuri here was concerned over you guys]

[Thank you very much sempai, we’re already daijoubu. I have Hensei. I will become nokyo-do and with boss guidance become a person of respect]

The ex-yakuza said unmoving in unison.


Now they are respectable civil worker who wouldn’t complain over minimum hourly wage. They will probably never rise in the rank because of their inability to work complex intellectual work, but it’s no doubt that they are still necessary for human society as a resource.

Anyway, I’ll put them to good use till they atone their sin to people the inconvenience.

[Thanks goodness! After all, a wonderful work will move people’s heart.]

Sayuri formed her arms to a prayer and said as if moved. I’m glad. Movies are really good, aren’t they?

[I’m glad to hear that. It makes me happy too. -Sayuri-san. If you don’t mind, could you talk to others as well? I’m afraid they’ll get jealous if you only talk to me]

I say jokingly. Treating them like a yakuza that they used to be would expose them.

[I understand, I’ll go greet others]

Sayuri left in a brisk pace as if her heart is in melancholy.

[Then everyone please return to you service activities.]


The ex-yakuza return to their work in silence.

[Fufufu… they’re number is reduced in half]

Ai muttered amusedly as she stared at their backs.

[Did they find out? Well, it’s hard to save them all]

Not all of the yakuza were able to endure Mom’s harsh experiment and remodeling surgery. It’s also possible that mom may have pretended to miss the treatment on purpose to secure the valuable experimental material. I don’t want to go into details since it’s mom who did the clean-up.

[The rest must have been turned in to shadow wax… my condolence]

Ai chuckles.

[-well, let’s just have dinner while watching the footage]

[Fine, but I won’t eat anything but meat. I especially hate rotten bean that that pig girl serves]

[Don’t worry natto is rarely serve it the parties, mostly you’ll see one natto rolls at a sushi bar.

I then took a glance at Puhiko, who is eating the natto roll with gusto.

(Why do many of my friend are strangely meat lover, I wonder?) With this thought in my head, I joined everyone who was enjoying themselves.

Chapter 59 Crank up! (Part2)

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