Chapter 17: F Rank Me is Being Blamed

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May 12, Tuesday 5

The people who rescued us were Mr. Sanada and three other officers from the ECD. According to then Sato and the rest escape the dungeon safely, though one of the D Rank member was killed in the process and failed to escape.

They immediately sent a rescue request to the ECD and Mr. Sanada and his team rushed in.

Ms. Sekiya who was still in a daze, was immediately sent to the hospital by ambulance after exiting the dungeon.

As I saw her off, Mr. Sanada spoke to me.

[Nakamura-san! I’m sorry but can you drop by the ECD office tomorrow morning?]

[Okay, I understand]

Well this time it seems that the luggage was successfully recovered and the powerful monster has not disappeared in a mysterious manner. And another interview with the ECD what could possibly go wrong.

I traveled down the mountain road in the darkness of the night with my scooter and headed towards the city. After having a late dinner at the nearby family restaurant I went back to my apartment. I come home at around 11 pm and went to take a light shower and turn over for the day.

Today, I can’t go to the <Raging Giant Pavilion>. Also, I have to go to the ECD office tomorrow to get them too.

Aria was knocked unconscious so I wonder if she was able to get back home safely. As I was wondering sleepiness won over me.

May 13, Wednesday 1

The next morning, I woke up at 7 in the morning and made a phone call to the ECD. The ECD office , by the way is open 24 hours, 365 days a year even though it’s a quasi-public institution because of the peculiarities of it’s duties.

When I told the operator that I was calling due to the incident in Sasayama dungeon, I was quickly connected to Mr. Sanada.

[Good morning, this is Nakamura. Is it fine to drop by now?]

[Good morning. You’re early, well it’s fine. I’ll wait for you]

If I was going to the ECD I should deliver my quota of magic stone as well. So I put two magic stones in my bag and went to the office.

The office by 8:00 am is already crowded. I decided to submit my quota of magic stones before talking to Mr. Sanada, so I received a number and waited my turn, as I waited I found some familiar figure among them. Its Sato.

It seems that he found me and approached me

[Yo Naka-buta. You’re a very unlucky man, aren’t you?]

I ignored him but he kept blabbering his mount.

[I heard that you were the only survivor of the Kamegawa incident]

He’s probably referring to the event that I didn’t want to remember too much.

I couldn’t help but frown.

[You stepped on a trap yesterday didn’t you?]

[What are you talking about?]

I couldn’t keep up with the sudden change in subject so I unintentionally raised my voice.

[Don’t play dumb with me! You stepped on a trap and turned the hall into a monster!]

It seems like he’s trying to blame me the incident because of the amount of earth lizard that he had  all at once.

[I didn’t step in any traps. And if I had I’m sure the ECD would have investigated in already.]

[It’s strange how is it the weakest you was able to survived in Kamega! You must have stepped on it as well there andescaped while the rest is getting killed right?]

That’s a terrible accusation

[I didn’t do such thing!]

[What the hell are you talking about? It’s good that I called for rescue intime but you put Shiori in danger too!]

[That’s absurd!]

[Shut up! because of you Teshigawara died!]

Teshigawara was the one who died yesterday. But this guy has the record of sacrificing me when we encountered an Argo

Aren’t you the one who killed Teshigawara?

It seems like he noticed what I was thinking and become furious and grabbed me by the chest.

What’s with that look? You’re just an F-Rank and you want to have a go at me?]

-Pan -pan

And with a clapped by someone and the buzz around us quieted down. I turned around and saw Mr Yotsumaki the director smiling as he approached us.

[Mr. Sato and Mr. Nakamura, please be quiet you’re disturbing us all.]

[But! This guy must have stepped on a trap…]

[I understand your feelings, Mr Sato. But as I told you last night we found no traps in that hall of any kind]

[Please Check again! There must have trap at Kamegawa too and he must have stepped on it too!]

Mr Yotsumaki then brought his face closer to the noisy Sato.

[Mr Sato.. if it’s your first tine at a dungeon it’s normal that you have to check everything just to be careful right? The time you carelessly dive in that dungeon is the time that you become disqualified as a leader. Rather than that, I’m more interested in the events surround Mr. Teshigawara’s death]

Although Yotsumaki san is smiling, his eyes is clearly aren’t smiling.

Sato’s momentum seems to have lost because of Mr. Yotsumaki’s pressure.

After observing for a while, My Yotsumaki turned to me.

[Mr Nakamura, did you bring the magic stones]

[Yes I bought two ]

[leave them to me. I’ll make the document while you’re listening. Please come this way.]

I was then lead my Mr. Yotsumaki towards  the same room I was sent to yesterday. I was asked to seat in front of me like yesterday.

Then, I described the yesterday’s even in a rough chronological order.

However, I didn’t explain to them about my ability to transfer world which is the impetus of giving water to Sekiya san, so I told them that I found water by chance.

[I see but Mr. Nakamura how did you manage to survive a 10 meter fall?]

[I wasn’t fine but Sekiya-san healed me…]

After I said that, I suddenly got surprised because Sekiya san healed me before the fall and if they call Sekiya san this would have complicate things. With my impatience being ignored the forwarded the topic

[And the water… according to your statement it sprung up before you knew it]

[That’s right, I don’t know anything further about that…]

[Strange things happen don’t they]

[Yes they do]

Mt Yotsumaki stared at me silently.

When my heart beats so fast that I feel that it’ll jump out of my mouth.

[I understand. That’s it for now. If there’s anything that we need to confirm, we will contact you]

Being interviewed two times in a row is exhausting. I then received the documents for the two magic stone and then went straight bac to my apartment.

Today’s plan is to return to <Rampaging Giant’s Pavilion> so I once again equipped my armor and short sword, put the 100,000 gold coin to my bag that was hidden inside the closet and activated <Otherworld Transfer>


And with the familiar Sound effect, a pop up appeared


Do you want to go to Isdifui?

Yes ◄



I chose yes and by the next moment, I am standing in front of a stream

Chapter 17: F Rank Me is Being Blamed

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