Chapter 31

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Somewhere in the mountain I was checking the items I had acquired inside the base that even I myself would deny calling it a base. In my hands is something that seems like a bottle with. It is kind of a large for a furnishing and the design itself has a fatal flow

(It has a hole and a dimple that looks like added there for an unknown purpose.)

After much investigation, I’ve concluded that this is a <component>. The shape suggest it was meant to be carried on the shoulder of a half-naked figure.

(I believe there should be one fountain around some city)

I thought it was related to magic since it was carried with great care, but it looks like useless to me which is a disappointment.

I looked at the other items, but honestly, it’s just wool and salt and some salty jerkies.

Next, I want to procure some spice but that may require me to move on other location. Canaan being located up north doesn’t grow spice really well. I remembered that they were relying on the south for their supplies and unless they develop sea route, they need to get most from Seizelia and from the Elven republic. So it looks like the best location to go to is either east or west. However, that’s only a guest but for the time being I’ll be her to scavenge for tolls.

I’m currently interested in what kind of things are being traded in this time and age. Also, I there’s a chance that a task force would be created to subjugate me, though they aren’t a threat. Even if they rely on magic which rely heavily in individual talent then all I need to do is strike them out first.

The only thing I should worry is if they are equipped with Imperial modern weapons and if they are too many. Even if one can do only 1 point of damage if they are around 1000 they’ll collectively deal 1000 damage point.

Then again to me 5,000 goblins of 5,000 humans has no difference. Even if they are 10,000 the result would be the same. Even if they bought out a siege weapon like ballista, it would be meaningless if they couldn’t land a hit.

Well, that’s done for the day. Time to get some sleep so I sleep laying down using a woolen pillow under a roofless base.

The next morning. I put the jute bag with the wool in my backpack, picked some salty dried meat for breakfast, and drank some water. I don’t need the water bottle, so I’ll leave it here. I put the jar of salt carefully to avoid it getting broken.

(I’m afraid I might break it. I guess I need to go the shopping mall in Eirkell)

If I know that I need to stop by the old Empire, I should have made a base there. Well I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

(considering our activities of monitoring the elves and pillaging for supplies. Creating a base at the empire’s territory wouldn’t be a bad thing)

I knew the best place to build a base. Einherr in the west would be the best place. The south is also a candidate but we still don’t have enough information on that place. Also I think it would be a good idea to have a separate gathering point and base of operation.

Man I’m feeling giddy with the idea of building a  secret base. I want to build it with lots of function.

And as my imagination continued to grow, I ran out of patience.


Well I want to shout something intelligible but the only thing that come out is this stupid voice.

So I proceeded running southwest. The goal was to find a suitable location for a base north of Idress. I realized that I’m still weak against the word secret base maybe because I’m a boy.

The next morning I’m still running. It’s not much farther but the salt is preventing me from running with full speed. While I was thinking about this, I saw a remain of a base. It seems that I had gone too far west, so I quickly change my direction back to east and by the time noon came. I run out of dried meat and water.

(I should have stopped at the elves monitoring base to restock)

Reflecting on my mistake I decided to continue looking for a place to made a base. Then I reached the end of search to find a man-made structure. Lo and behold it’s the facility I once woke up to. I knew because I remember the structure. I guess I should investigate it again.

I sensed animal presences that rans away, too bad I have no time to hunt them. A little further I saw a large hole with clear signs that it was taken down for quite a long time. As I was looking around I found a cage room and when I was about to go there, I touched something strange and I hurriedly let it go.

(Is this his thread?)

It seems that this was the research facility where that guy came from.

I sighed heavily. My minds and emotion are too much in chaos. I decided to go down and at the end of the road a gate that was remained opened was there. There was a gate just like I was in. the difference is that it was opened

(Why was it open?)

I have little sympathy for that man for after the trouble he caused me. But to think that bastard managed to get out through the open gate and get on the ground. And honestly I’m curious why is it opened. I checked around and noticed something unbelievable

(Hmmmm Wait what? There’s power here? So the power generator is still working?)

No matter how I look at it. It doesn’t seem like it was force but was properly opened. So carefully I investigated and found that the system running the facility is still functioning and would completely halt in 300 days. It’s a shame to let this facility die like this and made a base here.

Now, if electricity is available it’s best to use it properly and find a way to make our live comfortable.

I took out a desk and a char and put the pot of salt and wool on it and now that my backpack have enough space I can now replenish my supplies and so I headed towards the river

Chapter 31

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