Chapter 18: The F rank me meets an Elf Girl in a Bandit Fortress

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May 13, Wednesday 2

I was standing by a gentle flowing stream.

Looking around, the sun was shining through the sparse trees and the place was quiet and quite pleasant.

[Now what should we do?]

My ultimate goal for today was to reach the <Rampaging Giant Pavilion> and collect my luggage. But first, we had to get out of this forest and head for the town of Rumel. I remembered, the mysterious woman said that we teleported near the town of Rumel.

However, I had no idea on what directions should I go, because I have no knowledge of the land.

[For the time being I should go down the river…]

If I went down the river, chances are I might encounter people or traffic. Fortunately, along the river there’s a well-trodden path, but I don’t know if it was a mountain trail or a beast trail.

I prepared my sword and carefully followed path.

Suddenly there was a growl coming behind me.


When I turned around, three large grayish-brown figure wolf standing ready. Their mouth lined with sharp fangs and looked ready to attack me.


Wild animal?

Either way, could I win against these creatures?

I was nervous as I tried to slash at these wild dogs, whom I had never seen before.


Fortunately, they were not so strong, and with one swing of my sword they disappeared into particles of light one after another.



You’ve defeated a wild dog.

You’ve gained 800 exp.

One F-rank stone was dropped

One Dog’s fang was dropped



The exact same pop-up went up three times. I guessed, based from the experience I gained and the magic stone that dropped is that the wild dogs aren’t strong.

With a sigh of relieve, I continued downstream along the riverside.

After proceeding for a while, I saw a place surrounded with wooden fence. Was this some kind of military post?

Anyway, it seemed that we had finally arrived at a place where people might be. As I approach, I could see people moving towards the turret. They seemed that they have noticed me too and were pointing at me and shouting something. As I got closer something flew at me.


The sound of something passing by me with speed enough to blow wind near my ears.


I turned around and saw an arrow sticking in the ground,

I’m under attack!

As I rushed to escape, something flew at me again.

I was absorbed in trying to parry the arrows and then by chance I succeed knocking some of them off.



You’ve acquired the skill <Swordsmanship>

Your ability to handle sword improves.



A skill was acquired on its own?

I was surprise but the number of arrows raining down on me is increasing but for some reason, all of then are knocked down just by me swinging my sword.

Was it thanks to the [Swordsmanship] skill I had just acquired?

Soon, a door opens in the wooden fence and several people came out towards me. They all had weapons in their hands,

[Wait a minute!]

I desperately tried to call out to them, but they didn’t seem to listen to me at all and attacked me



Somehow, I was able to easily repel the axe that the big, macho man was swinging at me. Then he jumped back with a surprised look on his face.

[Who are you?]

[Well, I’m an adventurer from Rumel…]

…can you tell me the direction to the city

But before I could finish, one of the assailants called out

[You’re an adventurer from Rumel after all! You’ve got some nerve going here alone!]

[going here?]

[Hey guys do it!]

The men attacked all at once after the macho man ordered them to. I have no choice but to defend myself and thanks to my new skill, my sword swings became more fluid incomparable to my past and with a blink of an eye, I knocked away the weapons of all six attackers leaving them in great disbelief.

I asked the big macho man again while still having my sword in my hands.

[Tell me. Why am I being attacked? Is this some kind of restricted area?]

[You’re here to retrieve the elf girl, aren’t you?]

[Elf girl?]

[Yes, you’re an adventurer in Rumel, aren’t you? You’re here to subjugate us, aren’t you?]

I feel like we’re not really on the same page here.

Elf girl?

A subjugation requests?

[Are you by chance, the bandits that are wanted for kidnapping an elf girl?]

[What would you do now?]

It looks like I stumbled into a bandit fort. I wonder what should I do?

[hey you’re an adventurer with fairly high level? What about this, well return the elf girl and in return you’ll let us go?]

I knew nothing about the situation; however, I don’t want to antagonize them too much. Even if I kill them, I’m sure I’m the one who’s going to faint.

Then the macho man who thinks that I was lost in silence continued.

[Hey not just the elf girl, how about a million gold]

[1 million gold?]

[That’s right! Want to make a deal with that?]

That sounds like a great deal thought honestly it bothers me since they are in fact bandits.

[Ok let’s make a deal]

[Thank you, then come this way]

Guided by the macho man, I stepped inside their fortress. Inside of it are less than ten men and all of them have the same bad look in their eyes

[the elf girl is this way.]

I was led to a cave like place inside the fortress and at the end of it was an iron bars where inside of it is a girl locked up. she appeared too be in her mid-teens. Dirty and dressed crudely. She wore a shabby headdress but she was undoubtfully a beautiful girl.

She had emerald green hair, eyes same as mine, ears that are peculiar to elves and translucent white skin. As I gazed at her, she glanced at me with her eyes devoid of any emotion.

From behind me, the macho man held out a key.

[I’ll be waiting at the front and you can do whatever you want with her…]

The macho man the smiled obscenely and walked out of the cave, and inserted the key into the hole.


I opened the cage and called out to the girl.

[It’s alright. Come on, come out]



Suddenly, from the entrance of the cave, there was a rumbling sound and dust started falling off the ceiling. I tried to cover for the elf girl and after a few moments, after it became quiet the surrounding turned into jet-black darkness.

Did we get trapped. Well, I’m certain we’re trapped with no light.

I called out to the girl and asked.

[are you okay?]

There’s no reply, but when I saw her under my body, she seems to be alive. I slowly get up and squinted around in literal darkness. I can’t see anything even if I tried bringing my palm in front of me.

I at least need to have a flashlight or something…

So, I closed my eyes and activate <Otherworld Transfer> and by the next moment I’m already back in my room.

Chapter 18: The F rank me meets an Elf Girl in a Bandit Fortress

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