Chapter 32

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I returned to my base that was concealed by grasses and trees, where I have spent probably my longest time since I woke up. Why did I feel so attached to this place? Why do I feel so attached at this place even though I was just here for a short time?

I put down my luggage and hid myself so that I can monitor the elves using my telescopic vision. There I saw the elves sister already preparing to leave. It seems that I arrive a tad too late. I gave up gracefully and leave. Unfortunately, everything is in disarray as the elves that I am expecting didn’t show up on their designated spot.

The time flew by and night fell signaling the lift of ban on using the river and catch some fish.

I went to the cooking area and boldly grill the chunk of meat of a game that I hunted earlier along with the fish.

(I forgot about the salt!)

What a mistake. I realized that I need a container for salt, but not just salt but also for water, food dishes and other items. I shook my unruly desire for wanting things.

(I know that I can now use electricity even if only a little but…)

I’m thinking of adding some appliances, I wonder what should I get?

In the end I failed to keep my cool and morning came with me fantasizing things. While eating the leftover meat from yesterday, I checked the position of the sun and move of my observation spot. I thought I am in time but I shave to wait for around 30 minutes for them to arrive.

Today’s plan is to enjoy <Today’s Ms. 6> then leave for the shopping mall to get what I need. I expect it to busy with travelling between this base and the shopping mall so I want take care of the monitoring mission.

As usual Ms. 6 is still being toyed by the erotic kid who are being more and more troublesome as the day goes by.

Recently one of them is rubbing her chest and burying his on her chest while making it looks like an accident. However, the kids show a different style of coop attack.

First, they caught a fish and show it to Ms. 6 where she tossed it as if she was passing it, then a second one grabbed her pants and pulled it down in one fell swoop then the third kid pushed her to the river and grabbed her under wear and dashed past her. Now that she’s stark naked it was a complete victory for these kids and she was left with only capable of staring at them coldly.

(No matter how you look at it Human and elves are just the same)

I just hope that they will be diligent for the future.

Now that we already saw what I want to see time to head to Eikwell. I returned to base to prepare the things I need

(Now let’s set a new record!)

I was filled with enthusiasm and started running and by the time I reached Eikwell, it was night time and I felt sick for running with all my might and probably got fatigued.

I am so tired I want to sleep!

(I want to rest I want to sleep!)

I headed to the shopping mall to my makeshift bunker and closed my eyes. As I rested my eyes, I suddenly heard some footstep.

(… I don’t think that’s my imagination.)

It’s been a long time since I last clean this place, it won’t be surprising to learn that goblins are back. I let out a sigh and get up. I have no choice but to clean them up so I drink up some water first and took up some meat and check them out. There’s also a possibility that they aren’t goblin so I must confirm it first.

I slowly went out and as I look around and closed, I saw something that I didn’t expect. A large bear and not just any bear but a Grand Bear. Honestly, I doubt I can beat it with my current status so I ignore it, but if attack me I’ll fight it and then go back to sleep.

Well, if that bear is in here, I’m sure no goblin would dare stay here which is good so I went back to my bunker and went to sleep. The next morning an stretched out and get up. I pack as little as possible and since I didn’t have anything from last night, I inevitably have to skip breakfast.

I look around the mall and gather what I need. Then I check all my loot at the back and as I was thinking that I needed some appliances I found myself at the home appliance section!


Is all that I can say.

(I should narrow down I needed the most and avoid those that uses too much electricity.)

I looked at the hair dryer I had in hand, I certainly doesn’t need this. I want some energy-efficient appliance but I don’t know what to take, then I notice a large TV set.

(Man, I wished I could watch some movies here.)

It’s maybe possible but my concern is the data disc especially with the movie I regret not watching. When it comes to home appliances washing machine, refrigerator or microwave ovens are one of the best options, not like vacuums and cooling and heating appliances since they consume too much energy for little use.

Then something caught my eyes. A video camera, and at the same time a conflicting feeling wen trough my head.

(B-but peeping is a crime. Wait, the empire doesn’t exist anymore right so the law doesn’t have an effect…)

No, it’s stupid to use the wisdom of humanity, the fruit of science just for voyeurism.

(Oh wait. I’m not human anymore)

In the end I lost to the devil’s temptation and I even shook its hands. Wait for me elves, I will show you the power of science secretly and undetected!

Chapter 32

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  1. At least he’s consistent. A shame though that he can’t even breed with them, considering they might not kill him if he proved friendly. Moreso if they’re the still the peace-loving elves that allowed themselves to get violated by Goblins mentioned in the past history.

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