Chapter 63: The type of people who are comfortable leaving in a nest (1)

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Just before noon, Mika and I arrived at a vacant lot in the neighborhood.

[You got a lot of nerve to make me wait, Master]

Ai who arrived before us said while smiling.

[Sorry I was buying some gifts for the girls, I guess it was better for me to have come here a little earlier]

In front of me are girls from races both from East and west standing in front of the container house which are under the autumn skies.

There are about 20 of them. Some of them are wounded, and some of them are being treated by Ai-chan, who is giving them a <loving treatment> called <aptitude screening>

[How are you guys doing?]

The first thing I did was look around at all of the girls.

[[[[Yes. Master. Everything is fine.]]]]

The girls answer at exactly the same, hushed voice.

The <Everything is fine> means something along the lines of <even if we’re profusely bleeding, we’re still fine as long as your legs and arms are still moving>

(For the time being, the mental lock has been unlocked but they’re emotion is still hasn’t been regained fully.)

I look at them at pity.

These girls are the new talent that we are able to purchase from Scylla. After Ai’s successful healing and this gives mom, the reason to be flexible on my purchase and with the recent success of the movie, there had an increased the number of visitors to the shrine, so Tama-chan’s power accumulated well.

However, healing leech class would be too big of a burden for Tama-chan that’s why we settle with planarians. Of course, they’re mobs that wouldn’t appear in the original story.

[Yuu-kun, they’re all injured we have to treat them quickly!]

[Thank you, Mika nee, can you please help them? There’s a first aid kit at the container house on the far right]

[Leave it to me!]

Mika-chan runs to the container house. Well even if they’re of the lowest class they are super humans and if we leave them alone, they would just sleep and their wounds will get healed by the time they woke up. I need Mika-nee to teach them how to be normal and get them acclimated in the workings of the society

 [So, Ai. How’s their test results? Please tell me you’re not just bullying them we’re you?]

[I think most of them have the chance to be soldier though I’m not sure if they can handle it since it’ll depend on master’s instruction on, they’re training. We can get about 8 people; the rest are just helpless trash.]

Ai chan said with a bored look.

Well, if I leave them alone, they would end up being mom’s experimental materials and then thrown away. If the eight of them have potential, then that’s great.

[I understand. Then we will send those eight girls to the instructor that Ciel arranged for them to get trained. AI you should train with them regularly]

I had to hold the reins at all time for them not to be taken in by Ciel’s side.

[So, what about the rest? If you don’t want them, I can use them as toys. I need a test subject for my new techniques.]

Ai licked her lips and flick the remaining girls with the palm of her hand. Some of them shook their soldiers.

[No, I won’t allow any harm to them as long as they’re under my protection, secondly there’s some other job that isn’t in line with fighting]

We won’t be able to hire any ordinary person if we’re going to operate a secret army. We would need people to work behind the scenes

[Hmm… as expected of you, master. You’re so kind. Then I expect that master would prepare a toy for me, right?]

Ai chan said

[I’ll think of something]

I nodded with a serious expression.

Even though it’s just a subordinate organization, we have destroyed an entire yakuza organization and made a nationwide roadshow with a move. We were prepared for the top brass to come after us after we destroy their faces. Naturally we also need to fend off the sparks coming our way.

[Hmm finally we’re ready, everyone lines up!]

Mika-chan returns with the wash basin filled with water and first aid kit on her hand. She is skill full as expected since she usually takes care of a naughty boy and messy girl who are both prone to injury.

Mika-chan quickly finished treating Mom’s victims without delay.

Chapter 63: The type of people who are comfortable leaving in a nest (1)

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