Chapter 19: The F Rank Me Removes the elf girl’s collar


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May 13, Wednesday 3

Once returning to my room, I quickly look for the flashlight.

[There it is!]

I pulled the flashlight out of the corner of the closed where I store it and quickly return to the cave with the use of <Otherworld Transfer>

Then I turned it on in the pitch-black darkness of the place I transferred into illuminating the surrounding brightly. As I had expected, the area near the entrance of the cave have collapsed, several meters in length.

What should I do?…

I need to think of a way to escape from here. As I was pondering over this, I noticed that the elf girl is staring curiously at my flashlight.

I called to her again

[Are you hurt somewhere?]

She shook her head and pointed at her neck. There’s a silver collar-like object attached to it. On the surface of it is some kind of finely engraved pattern.

[what about it?]

Could she no speak? She’s trying to appeal with the best of her capability but I can’t in all honesty, understand her.

She keeps pointing at the collar.

[Do you understand my word?]

She nodded

[…are you sure you want me to remove the collar?]

She then did a large nod.

I took another look at her collar. It was a seamless silver collar.

I tried pulling on it but it’s too much for my bare hands to handle. I wonder if my sword could do something about it. When I pulled out the sword out of my waist, the girl looked frightened.

[I’ll try to break the collar with this]

I rubbed the collar with the tip of the sword, but the collar is made of a very hard material and it didn’t get scratched

[…what should I do]

After thinking for a while, I turned to the girl and told her:

[Wait for me here, I’ll be right back]

Then I moved a few meters away from her and turned the flash light off. I made sure that the girl would not notice me when I disappear into this place, then I use <Otherworld Transfer> and transfer back to my room.

I quickly took off my armor and change clothes, I hurriedly then went to a nearby home improvement store. The item I was looking for should be at the DIY section

A metal saw. It’s a practical tool designed to cut thin chains and metal pipes. I just hope this would be enough to do the jobs.

I picked a reasonably sized saw, paid for it and return to my apartment, where I once again re-equipped my equipment again and activated the <Otherworld Transfer> once again to return back to the cave.

I turned on the flashlight and came back, and the elf girl jump to my chest. Her body is trembling slightly. It seems like leaving her alone in the dark made her anxious.

I patted her back gently and explained what I wanted to try now as gentle as possible. Then while holding the flashlight, I pressed the metal saw that I bought against her collar.


I kept on sawing the collar for almost an hour and finally I was able to take the collar off successfully. When the girl confirmed that the collar is off, she thanked me. I was surprise to hear her speak.

[When I was captured, that collar sealed my powers alongside my voice]


Then she muttered a small [-ah]

[I’m sorry but could you not ask about it now?]

[Okay, I understand]

 Well, there are things that I, myself don’t want to divulge to others so… I’m sure it’ll boomerang back to me if I did.

She turned again to me.

[My name is Well, Noemi, may I ask your name?]

[I’m Takashi]

[Are you a famous adventurer, Takashi-sama?]

[I’m not a famous adventurer, I’m a newbie to be exact. You can see it on my equipment]

Then I light myself for her to inspect my armors

[But you used a mysterious transfer skill several times earlier, right? And you also have that strange magical tool]


Is she aware that I transfer back and forth to another world? How did she see that in this darkness?

[Your eyesight is quite good huh?]

[Eye sight…? Well, I’m an elf so I think my eyesight would be way better than ordinary human…]

The girl is tilting her neck.

[So, in other you can see even in total darkness]

[in total darkness, you can’t see really well, right?]


Didn’t you see me transferring to another world directly? Or may be that when I am transferring, I was shining brightly?

[~uh Noemi chan]


[Why did you think that I transferred?]

[Um, that is… that somehow.]


Noemi’s face suddenly become clouded. Originally, I didn’t want to talk about this topic either so I decided to change the topic.

[I wonder how to get out of here…]

[Is it impossible to escape using Takashi-sama’s transfer skill?]

And we’re back to talking about my <Otherworld Transfer> skill. After a while I answered.

[… it’s actually something like a warehouse where I can go and get some stuff. It not something that I can use to transfer somewhere else]

[is it some kind of sub space?]

[E? Subspace?]

[I’ve heard that high-level adventurer can store items in a subspace and move them in or out at will.]

[yes! Something like that.]

[But subspace magic can only store items at best.]

Noemi looked doubtful

[I’m sorry Noemi. I’d appreciate it if you leave it at that]

[I understand. I’m sure there are one or two things you don’t want to talk about.

I inadvertently stared at her face… that’s exactly what I thought earlier….

Noemi-chan noticed my gaze and she smiled a little.

[then let’s leave it at that. Instead, can you promise that you won’t tell anyone about this?]

[Yes of course/]

[Thank you very much. I will not tell anyone about your power, Takashi-sama]

Depending on what I heard, my skill is now taken as a hostage as a <secret>.

Noemi corrected her posture and she begin singing and at the same time, something golden was gathering around us.



The cave began to shake with a roaring sound

[Noemi, look out!]

I instinctively held Noemi’s hands and tried to protect her

Noemi smiled at me

[It’s okay Takashi-sama. See.]

I looked at the direction where she is pointing and saw an unbelievable sight.

The earth, sand and rocks at the entrance of the cave which collapsed earlier were floating and returning to the state that they were before the collapse, just like a film playing in reverse and within minute the path towards the exit is now restored completely. The bight lights are now shining into the caves.


I muttered in awe.

Noemi-chan spoke to me as I was still in a daze.

[Takashi-sama, please keep my power secret too…]

[Yeah, I promise, in return please don’t pry too much on me, okay?]

[Of course]

Anyway, let’s get out of this cave. Noemi and I started walking towards the entrance of the cave.

Chapter 19: The F Rank Me Removes the elf girl’s collar

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