Chapter 33

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I scavenged through the warehouse for a top-of-the-line video camera. I found a big tv though. Whether it is still usable is yet to be seen, but I still believe that it is working since it was still in its packaging.

Splendid my homeland! I should offer my sincere patriotism to my homeland and praise the science and technology it cultivated to increase survival as much as possible.

(Though sadly we blew ourselves up)

I can’t help it so I continued searching for videos, I found the equipment I thought that is necessary for now, though I can’t find the essential thin.

I wanted something that exceed my starting salary of 240,000 nen which was a device that is described in the catalog as a <state of the art multifunctional model with telephoto magnification>

However, no matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find it. I found the next best thing but I don’t want it because of its size. The specs are all fine but the size a big problem.

After looking for a while I decided to give up.

(… I guess I should rather go to the electronic district in Gisvaya)

There are many things to see in Gisvaya, including a weapons factory though I’m not sure if it’s still there since half of the ammunition of used by the empire is made here so the risk of being targeted is quite high and is possible that it’s already been destroyed after the war.

Anyway, is a long way off and my main priority now is to gather necessary items and take them back to the base.

With a large screen TV, a player and a movie data disc my entertainment system is nearly complete the only thing I need to do is test these things so I’m fine bringing only few of the movie disc back.

I planned on using the backpack to carry small items but I won’t be putting it on my back instead I’ll put the cooler on my back so that I can gather some food stuff considering the amount of food I’ll be eating. I’ll carry the modified backpack along with the TV and other equipment that is wrapped in a futon, and return to base though honestly it looks kind of awkward.

(Too bad, I didn’t get what I wanted the most or precisely the want to experiment the most. I guess it won’t be too much of a hassle since I already planned to move around other places and go back and forth to the base and other city to find some better beddings)

Even with my hard body a futon is still bulky for my taste.

I put it out as a cushioning material for the TV this time and the big box can also be used as a contained, and maybe next time I would take the whole thing.

(Now let’s go)

I walked slowly to check my balance and then gradually increase the speed once I get the hang of it, because safety is first if I want to return to base with these things in one piece. Still, it took me one whole day to return with my decreased speed.

Once I returned, I put down my luggage and went to hunt. Its good that there’s an underground water vein in the vicinity but because of my large build and the fact that the facility’s pathway is designed for a standard human size I can’t even use it. And that’s my biggest complaint in this new base. Luckily the faucets are working and is a great help.

Viva Imperial technology!

I left the water running for a while to see what would happen and it looks like there’s nothing strange, smell is okay and the after taste is none so I decided to use it.

Leaving the water situation aside I started to roast the deer I just caught on to the ground level of the facility due to the ventilation issues of the facility. While waiting for it to cook I brought out some of the utensil that I brought from the mall it includes some tableware and various utensil for eating. I look around for something that I can use as a cupboard but because it took a lot of time, I burnt the deer. But it’s still fine because with the help of a scrubbing brush I can remove some of the burnt stuff off, hooray for the Imperial brush!

(Man, I’m starting to miss peoples)

I felt some soliloquy recently and it’s getting harder for me to realize it’s negative impact to me, I let out a sigh while scratching my butt and starts wandering when did I start cracking jokes to myself.

Anyway, I started eating the grilled meat that’s only seasoned with salt and even though it’s burn I feel like I’ve been eating rich meal recently

(I want more salt)

The only country that mass-produced seasonings was the empire, and now I wonder what’s the current situation around the world now that there’s not so much seasoning circulating around.

I finished the grilled meat while talking to myself.

And after taking a break cleaned and washed the griddle and started longing for times like towel and clothes again.

(I also want a long stick to hang the towels and clothes dry after I washed them)

I find it amusing to see a monster washing clothes and desiring a clothesline trying to search a civilized life. Since it can’t be helped, I continued scraping and cleaning up.

After that I decided to summarize my next set of action and summarize what we have used.

The salt is put in a tightly sealed jar and is in the medicine rack that was taken from the facility along with the tableware and the cooking utensil. It kind of looks cute with the survival knife that I use as my fork and the hatchet that I used as a kitchen knife.

And now that the meal is over, time to install the TV. While having a hard time flipping through the instructions, I pulled the base desk out of a room and place it near the electrical outlet and place the TV on top of it, and then set up the data disc player in the space underneath the table.

It looks like the player can play it but maybe because of the age of the discs the contents are garbled with display flickering and the audio is rattling, that I can’t even understand anything of the content and is hurting my eyes.

This means that I won’t even be able to record anything to the data dis because of the deterioration. I let out a sight and threw the movie disc away. To think it’s the 4th installment of the <Space knight> movie. I ‘ve seen the first three installment of it and was anxious to see the rest of it but this let down was quite inhumane.

Entertainment is a must in life and this just gives me more reason to go to Gisvaya.

(Damn! I was expecting that the 3rd sequel could have been about the black night and his backstory but it ended up that the black knight was the father of the protagonist and the next installment would have showed his past!)

I’ve been wanting to find a safe data disc so that I would be able to watch it!

As for the manga I would have to enhance my living quarters first because of the fact that they’re in paper form that they would be quite fragile thought they could be preserved quite well. There’s a lot of manga that I want to read and this is one of my only hope now.

If I don’t have some fun I might go and went to become a suicidal idiot.

The time is still around noon so I did a quick clean up of the room that I’m going to use. I don’t know if I would take me overnight at Gisvaya so I would schedule my departure tomorrow and to kill some time I should hunt and secure meats that I would use tomorrow and also do some cleaning. I would need to get to bed early since I would be moving early in the morning.

It’s still quite dark when I started preparing for the trip. I pack some bare essential at my backpacks along with a less than a day worth of food and water since this body wouldn’t have problem even if I don’t eat in a couple of days which is quite convenient in this situation.

I set off for Gisvaya. If I go in my fastest pace, I can get there by the end of the day but that will cause me to breath hard. I already have a good grasped of this body’s capability. I already know what’s the right speed I need to go with. I estimated that I will arrive there tomorrow morning so I departed from my home base in high spirit with the prestige of the empire on the line but then I saw something bizarre along the way.

I saw an orc; it’s expected because it was hanging by a tree dead with what looks like to be a sever injury and massive damage which makes me think that it was a one-sided battle. I guess it displayed the orc in such a way to declare that whoever did this is the owner of the territory. A warning that whoever enter would be turned to this, or something like that.

(Very well! Challenge accepted!)

Since I already expected something like this might happened, I already accounted it on my schedule. Afterall this world is nothing short of running using the law of the jungle/

I don’t know what kind of monster you are, but I would make sure to kill you if we ever meet.

And alas with such luck I bumped in to him, a red ogre. A monster that is a higher version of an ordinary ogre sporting more strength, intelligence and agility compared to the ordinary variant, but so what?

Now that I met him, I have no choice but to face it. I set down my luggage while being on guard against the red ogre in front of me which was showing eagerness and is threatening me with its bared teeth. So, I taunt it by moving my finger like saying [come at me!]

Both of us are bare handed and I honestly want to call it a contest of strength but one of the red ogres’ traits is that it has it’s fighting style and skill. It is said that it’s one of the strongest humanoid monsters that exist and it wants to challenge me, a man made from the cutting-edge technology of the Imperial Science.

I welcomed him with open hands.


It howled, but I feel like smiling fearlessly in front of it. Thought sadly my facial muscle proves to be incapable of smiling.

Now the red ogre moves. I’m willing to give him the first move and it’s convenient for me for him to want a head-to-head battle. I wanted to fight someone that could compete me in a head-to-head like this so I hope he don’t disappoint me.

I took on the red ogre’s big punch with a cross guard and it stings a lot. It’s obvious with the way its legs were positioned that he sent a strong one enough for me to put him on the top of the list of the strongest I’ve ever faced.

Now it’s my turn

I got ready to sent a blow to its body when I was hit in the face. He then went to send another to the face when I lost my balance I kept getting hit until I sent kick and then grabbed his ankle and crushed it.

(This is a death match, so don’t hate me for this)

Honestly it hurts a lot, my nose is already bleeding so I won’t tolerate this guy anymore.

The read ogre tried to attack me while ignoring his crushed ankle, but when I lifted it up the game is already won. I pulled my armed and slammed it on his chest with all my might causing the ogre to spit blood but I don’t care so I gave him another blow. Then using my tail, I coiled it on his leg that was still intact and yank it then stomp my foot to his chest that still bears the mark of my fist.


The red ogre cried. It screams as if trying to ask for forgiveness and mercy but sadly this is a death match and there’s no place for mercy here.

I then dropped my feet with all my weight through its heart.

Generally, it’s attack is strong enough to get through my defenses. It could not make up for the fatal difference in ability so it can easily be defeated with sheer power though honestly, I can still acknowledge that it was the strongest being in the land

Chapter 33

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