Chapter 65: Armed Maids are Basic in the World of Galge

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While I was on my way to Ciel’s mansion along with Ai my phone in my pocket vibrated.

[Hello? Is this Yuuki?]

[Hmm? Ciel? What’s wrong?]

I reply coolly to the young lady’s voice]

[I want to apologize for the short notice, but our head maid would like to see the strength of you soldiers. She seems to believe that warriors can understand each other through their fists rather than a lowly pleasantry]

Ciel said in a confused tone.

[I guess this is an invitation for a mock battle huh]

[Yes, they request that you attack me as if you were from assassin’s organization trying to get rid of me]

[I don’t mind but let me check with Ai]

I then looked at Ai for a moment and explained the situation to AI.

[Eh I’m not sure but it sounds interesting it’s fine if it’s quite harsh as long as no one doesn’t die]

I got an expected reply

[Ai is fine with that]

I relay Ai’s intentions

[I’m glad to hear that. Let me tell that to the head maid]

[Hmmm. Looks like it’s my lucky day, toys are coming my way]

Ai chan hummed in a good mood

[Don’t do your best, I don’t know how much they want to probe us and even if they are our allies now. They are not friends]

Ciel and I maybe friends now but I don’t know what will happen in the near future. I can’t show her side all of my hand. Ciel maybe trustworthy but her brother who is behind the scene isn’t.

[Anyway, the only talented one there is Chuko (Sophia) right? There’s no way I can lose to some small fry]

Ai chan is on a roll.

This is definitely a losing event.

I am convinced, but I didn’t say anything and quickly head to the mansion.

Chapter 65: Armed Maids are Basic in the World of Galge

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