Chapter 34

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After an uneventful trip I finally reached Gisvaya safely and was relieved to see it still intact. Though this also means that goblins are also in here.

I confirmed that a queen also exists here, but the extermination was easy albeit it took quite some times and the cleanup ends around noon.

After throwing the sign that I picked from the sideway which was covered by blood and visceral fluids, I returned to my luggage and drank the remaining water. I cleaned up my legs and tail with a piece of paper I saw lying around from the area and proceed to look for the goal.

Since this is the largest arms depot of the empire I want to get away from here even before something weird happens so I quickly go to the Gisvaya’s Electronic Town where there’s a chanced that I could get what I want- only to find it vandalized.

The vandalism is so bad and messy that it’s clear that it wasn’t don’t by a human but by these goblins. The way the dust show how it was moved in the last few years. It looks like these goblins are trying to make weapons out of the remaining electronic appliances, but after playing around it and failing left it scattered in wreckage and gave up on it.

If this weren’t the display items but instead are warehouse items, I would have gone nuts. Fortunately, goblins are incapable of breaking through security shutters made by the empire.

I then proceed to break the shutter down.

It was a large warehouse that even I can get into easily and then I started to looked out for what I want the most first, a high-end video camera which I easily found. I took two of it then I also found large numbers of data disc 50 bundles of them packed in a box.

(I wonder how do they find these things in these boxes?…)

Unlike in the store the organization of items here is a mess and it seems too hard find stuff. But I must search even if I dig out everything just to look for masterpieces!

(Since this is a warehouse with lots of data disk, they should have all existing genre her)

Alright! Adult data disk!

And lots of them!

The sheer number blows my personal collection to smithereens and it dazzled and awed me automatically. The amount had me almost retreat but I stood my ground. To think that the absurd amount of it would intimidate me and stop me from achieving my goal.

In the end I was left with 25 adult data disk and 3 movie disc.

Okay hear me out first! The gravure idol that I loved had fallen in the R-18 category and when I tried to cover them all I found some unsettling aura from it that I couldn’t miss.

The first priority of this trip anyway is to get a high-end video camera and these data disk are just bonusses. I just want to see the sequel and all I need is some samples to see if the data disks left is still usable regardless of what genre.

Yes, the genre doesn’t matter!

Now that that I had finished my business here in Gisvaya, I’m ready to return.  Since there’s a chance that I might return here I sealed up the entrance to prevent the goblins from settling in by using some scrap of woods.

(Farewell Gisvaya, I look forward on the day I return here again)

There’s still plenty of room on my backpack but in order to make sure not to damage the commodity I have I deliberately left some space also this would help me with mobility since running with a full back pack might cause unwanted havoc. I learned it from the experience of carrying the TV back to base.

Finally, I’m back home.

On the way back I found the remains of the railway that connect Idress and Gisvaya which I use that allowed me to go back home in the afternoon because of its lack of tree that is on my way. I think that if I used these rail path these would allow me to get around easily but looking for them will be tough

(If not for these grasses and plants looking for these rails tracks wouldn’t be so hard)

It would have been easy if I start from the town’s rail station if the station itself is intact for unlike Idress and the Imperial capital whose station is already beyond recognition. In the subject of the capital, it’s impossible to find a semblance of a rail track after what happened to it.

Anyway, now that everything is ready, it’s time to watch some movie. I put the data disc in the player and press the remote. I realized that I forgot to power the TV so I powered it on using my toes.

The quality of the images in the screen is a little better compared to the other disk I got earlier while audio is still garbled and is crackling bad that it’s hard to watch. I tried switching data disk but all of them has the same problem.

(Don’t tell me that these disks can’t even last for 200 years?!)

And when I reach such conclusion, I felt a bad feeling inside me. I hurriedly took the video camera that I had been charging on the sides and put in a data disk. Then I tried to create a test recording but it failed spectacularly.  The sadness overwhelms me and I fell to my knees and lost all hopes.

(Wait! There’s a chance that the video recorder is the one with a problem!)

However, I don’t feel like returning to Gisvaya now so I decided to hunt with a heavy heart. It resulted in me having a boar for dinner though it took me quite a long time because of how big the shock was.

After prepping to cook; I cleaned the magic sword that played the vital role of a kitchen knife and then sent the meat to the kitchen where I processed the meat and thrown the part that is inedible into a waste hole where small beast and insect eat and process the discarded meats.

I then ate the salt-sprinkled roasted meat.  Just the usual meal but I am eating with disappointed feelings. After that I moved to the basement and collapsed at the bed. I tried to sleep but it’s still too early – however I don’t have the energy to get up. I stayed at the bed for a with my eye shot but eventually opened them.

Then from the scattered data disk I read <Big Tits Festival! Summer Bikini Fest!> caught my attention.

I slowly let go of my consciousness while questioning whether to improve my living condition or focus on upgrading my entertainment, leaving me with no answer.

Chapter 34

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