Chapter 67:  the possibility of an Armed Dolphin Attack (Part 2)

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Ciel and I Signed the contract

Of course, contract didn’t say anything about trading weapons and humans but instead a transaction for building materials.

[Now the transaction is complete.]

I call the construction company I owned to instruct the money transfer.

[Then as promised -Sophia]

[Yes Ojou-sama]

Sophia and the other maids bring out variety of weapon on a cart that would normally be carrying a French cuisine.

[It’s amazing how it looks like that these weapons are just things you can have in your daily life]

I was amazed at the amount of many disguised armament that can even compete against a certain James Bond.

[Unless it’s a weapon that doesn’t look like one it wouldn’t be of use in an unconventional warfare like in the streets for a developed country.]

[Well, if these weapons are put in the market, it would be a crime paradise]

[Of course, it won’t be, not even the military have these things]

[I’m happy to have such things then]

As expected not even Ciel’s brother’s state-of-art equipment is readily been given away. From the looks of it this were the first-generation equipment while the second-generation equipment might not be in circulation yet. But, it’s still more than enough for a private army to use.

The quality of the weapon can even deal with the SDF, not to mention the police, of course as long as the air force isn’t involved itself.

(Honestly, I want to have a subcontract with her brother to steal their technology)

In terms of personal wealth, I can say that I’m fine as it is, but in terms of the ability to develop a weapon industry company, I don’t have enough money to spare for that.

(I just hope that the companies I invested would do well, but I wonder what will happen?)

I began to not just to concentrate on stock investment but also dabble in industries that I know that will grow in the future. Many of it are IT related company, also I started a company that would make smart phone and was about to pull some engineers on my sides.

I’m not saying that I’m in the level of Steve Jobs from Apple but I’m aiming to be able to stand side by side with Softbank, though I don’t know the game world might force it so that smartphone won’t exist in this world. Even if that’s the case I can’t help but pursue it considering the potential success of it.

(I mean isn’t it strange that this world has an advanced science and technology for it’s supposed time but smartphone doesn’t exist)

(I guess it must be because the explosive spread of smartphone wasn’t even expected by the writer of Kumosora)

It’s quite hard to predict the future. If people’s imagination had been right there would have been cars already running inside tubular highways and or army of intelligent dolphins attacking us.

[It seems that Brother have high expectations of you Yuuki]

[I’ll do my best to live up to his expectation]

[That’s right. I really want you to do your best. If you succeed then, I will also-]

[What Is it?]

[No, it’s nothing. I don’t want to talk about it right now]

Ciel smiled vaguely while mumbling her words.

Chapter 67:  the possibility of an Armed Dolphin Attack (Part 2)

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