Monster-Life: Chapter 35

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In the end I decided to prioritize improving my living condition first rather than entertainment. I remembered a certain politician saying [Entertainment should only procure once you can afford it]

The first thing I must do is enhance my food situation, then improve the home base, move supplies to other bases and create a comfortable environment.

I got up early morning and hunt my breakfast. I dismantle the meat I just caught and grilled the meat and save the rest and get ready to go.

After my final check on the luggage, I put on my backpack and exit the base and secure the entrance just in case. Our destination this time is the street where I attack a trading party last time.

Having the knowledge is a great advantage and knowing the product’s distribution flow would help me on the long run.

I run silently along the forest but this body has acclimated already in running in the forest even though it supposes to be hard for someone like me who has a very big body.

A little past afternoon I took a break. I check the container to see if there’s damage on it. I then proceed to drink water and check my surroundings. I tried to detect things happening using my sense of hearing and smell but I found nothing

(…it looks like there’s no problem here)

After a brief yet sufficient rest I resume my travels. A little bit of time past when I noticed that the appearance of trees was changing.

I guess I’m nearing the border?

If the tree growth continues it means that I’m in the right direction. It’s not easy to have a sense of direction in this vast forest due to the fact that you can’t see the sun.

(Ah I want a compass; I wonder if I can get one a stationery store? Or was it on the toy store?)

I don’t know where I can get one. I guess, I should just try to drop one when I went to the mall. While thinking about such stuff I found myself on the road connecting Glenda after I passed another forest.

The sun already set so I decided to take a rest while checking the surrounding and I sense nothing.


I guess it’s expected as this is a public road and monster and goblins are wiped out but where’s all the people? Anyway, I decided to run toward my goal as fast a sport car inside a forest. Hitting a tree at 100 km/h won’t be a problem for me so it’s fine. But I’m starting to ask why did the empire build a monster like me with such specs?

(I wonder if I’m engineered not for war but to fend off or fight dragons)

Would they take the data from the war and use it as basis for new generation of monster making me the prototype?

(I’m getting riled up with the word <prototype>! Though honestly, that sounds plausible.)

There’s the spider man aside me as well.

(I wonder, if it’s possible that another spider man hybrid exists?)

Well, it’s a man romance to have a battle between two type of war machine or monster. I enjoy such fantasy for a while till it’s pitch black. I kept running through the dark till I get to the monster where I took a turn towards the east. If I continue running this way, I would reach the flat plane and would try to hide in the forest further east this time. If I do this while it’s still dark, I don’t have to worry about getting found out.

Once I reached the mountain had head to east, I saw the forest that I’m talking about. Though I’m feeling mentally tired, my body doesn’t feel fatigued that still makes me confused.

I proceed inside the forest were a wild bear roar and threatened me but a gave a warning by swatting my tail while trying to say that he’s annoying the neighbors.

Then I found a fallen tree that I can rest on and honestly, it’s not comfortable. The fact that the tree’s here aren’t that tall is making it harder for me as well as I can’t position relaxedly.

As I moved to go a little further, I heard a sound.

(Hmm this sound, I on the direction the bear runs to)

And when I hurried to the place I found a small river, though it’s too small to be called one, then again since it’s flowing might as well call it a river. Its width is shorter than my arm and when I tried to test it, it seems that it’s safe to drink.

(This is great, now I have a way to replenish my water supply. Let’s look for a good place around where I can make a good base)

So, I decided to walk around to look for a spot but of no avail. It took me all night to explore the place too but no place and was left on just sitting on a rock. While eat meat and observing the surrounding vegetation I suddenly felt a craving for vegetable.

I realized that my diet now only consists of meat and fish. I heard that drinking blood would help aid in the mineral and vitamins intake, but I wonder if my body’s nutritional condition is okay.

(If I want to have steady supply of vegetables, then I have to set up nets on roads that connects rural and urban areas)

Well, I might be able to get them while I hunt for spices, I don’t need to act on that plan yet.

After finishing the meat that I have, I hunted additional meat as an exercise since the dawn is about to break.

I caught a rabbit, so I drained its blood and dismantle it and bury away the parts on the ground that I wouldn’t eat. Speaking of which, having a shovel is great I just wish I have one that is bigger, just saying.

I just sprinkled the meat with salt and devour it. Using my pinky finger’s nail as a toothpick, I noticed that my nails are growing, so I picked up the magical sword and use it as nail cutter but it failed. It didn’t cut my nail but it did cut my skin. It bled slightly but the wound stopped immediately after I reflexively sucked on it.

I had somehow guessed already that my resiliency is strange.

Once it’s morning, I decided to head south while keeping an eye on the road. I was sulking and was looking for a prey when I saw a group carriage parked at a distance.

(A total of three… with only one escort. I wonder what’s going on?)

The more I observe the convoy the more I feel like it’s unnatural. No sign of movement can be found at them or rather they seem to be stuck. This will be an easy prey for me.

Even if they found me early, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

(Now then let’s go take a look at those 3 carriages first)

I unloaded my luggage and secure it by hiding it with branches.

I then headed to the group of carriage. When I was closed to them, one of the escorts shouted and used one of the carriages that seems to be not stuck as their getaway. The scene of their escape is quite refreshing. While I was admiring their escape, I hear something. Even if I try to identify what was it, I can’t put a finger on it.

(Whatever, let’s just check the contents of the carriage.)

I feel sorry for the horses that are still tied up but they shouldn’t worry, I won’t eat them so please be quiet and wait.

After approaching the carriage and looked around it all I found is some dried meat and strange smelling chemicals

As I was searching through the rest of the package, this time I am very sure that I’m hearing something. It was different from before but this time I can clearly hear it now.

(They’re much faster than expected)

I’m quite impressed and at the same time annoyed, but since I have time, I checked out the other carriage as well and as expected it reeks with a strange chemical and tried meet too.

I sighed stood up and decided to look at the direction of the sound.

(The number is around 300 based on my vision but there must be at least 500 of them)

On the lead are several heavily armed cavalries followed by a combined forced of infantry and mercenary from Canaan.

Now this is a hassle.


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Monster-Life: Chapter 35

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