Depressing Galge – Chapter 68: Winter (1)

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It’s a snowy holiday and we were at the vacant lot in the neighborhood. It was divided into two positions with wall made of snow high enough to hide if you bent down. Behind each wall are exactly 90 snow balls.

A three versus three fights with teams composed of me, Ciel and Puhiko and on the other side is Tsubasa, Kaoru and Nagisa.

[Alright! Now we’re ready let’s start this!]

Tsubasa, who was visiting for the holidays said excitedly.

[Your hands are red. Are you okay?]

Nagisa who is the snowball supplier looks at her with concern.

[I’m fine, it’s all about spirit! Spirit!]

Tsubasa is wearing short pants and bare handed in winter, as if the artist forgot to appropriately dressed her for the season. It’s not as if she’s poor mind you. Then again in my previous I knew someone like her when I was in elementary.

[It’s a bit late but you look seriously]

Kaoru said while flashing a handsome smile that looks good on a slope.

[it won’t be fun if you don’t play seriously!]

I replied while acting my protagonist part. It was a lie though I believe that it is best to do things in moderation, I I’m craving for Coke and chips while playing on my phone!

Currently I’m wearing a hand-knit sweater that Mika-chan gave me and a knitted hat Puhiko made that looked like a botched crown. It’s a lousy fit honestly but these clothes that the Heroine gave to me are cursed equipment that I wouldn’t be able to take off.

[This is going to be a good workout; my body tends to weaken during winter.]

Ciel sullenly said while being dressed by expensive branded clothes like a young lady would.

It may sound crazy but I’m actually happy with to be able to normally play with my friend.

[I understand! I remember eating too much natto mochi that Yuu-kun told me that I’m getting bigger that a mochi!]

Puhiko then puffed her cheeks.

[I’m just thinking of you if you eat too much you’ll turn into a pig and everyone will call you Buhiko]

Normally it won’t be a good idea to tease a heroine about her body shape, but light teasing is a form of affection between childhood friend so it doesn’t affect her likability gauge.

[Fufufu, it’s nice that the two of you is in good term]

Ciel smiled and said.

[Really? Then let’s make mochi at the shrine on New Year’s Day so that Ciel will come, after all, freshly made mochi are the best.]

[I’m looking forward to it.]

[Then, I’ll bring some natto made of straw for Ciel]

[Mishio-san I’m grateful for your feelings but I’m allergic to natto]

Ciel said with a smile.

Oi don’t lie!

[looks like both of the teams are ready. Well then, I’ll give everyone three minutes for strategy session and the game will start after. The team that takes the stick that is in the back of the base or eliminated the other team wins.

The referee Mika-chan declared while holding a stopwatch.

[so, what’s the strategy?]

Behind the snow wall we had a talk.

[Tsubasa is basically the leader of that team. Based on her nature she’s definitely be the attacker. Let’s make her waste her snow ball then counterattack after.

In this snowball fight each team is only limited to 90 balls each and you can’t replenish it.

[that’s sound reasonable. I think it’s fine]

[how should I distribute the snowball?]

Puhiko who is in charge with the snowball asked. She was put in that position because of her low athleticism so it was the natural choice. Then again when her curse awakens, she can easily throw rock.

[I’m the main attacker and Ciel would be the defender so we’ll go with two to one]


[I’ll do my best.]

The three of us nodded at each other

[Three minutes are up! let the game begin!] Mika-chan declared loudly and our game started]

Depressing Galge – Chapter 68: Winter (1)

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