Depressing Galge Chapter 69: Winter (2)

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Dadadada- Ciel and I started running and securing the snow wall on the front line to confront the wings at the same time.

We peek out from the wall for a moment and assess each other team’s situation that ends in a sporadic exchange

[Heh? What happened? It’s not like for Tsubasa to be so flustered in front of an enemy.]

[Heh I’m not going to bite in that provocation. It looks like you’re planning to make us run out of snowball just as Kaoru said!]

Looks like he saw right through me, as expected of my best friend.

[What would you do about that?]

[Well! I’ll do this!]

Then I heard a sound of snowballs coming out of the wall. I then made a feint with snowball at hand.

[Yuuki-niisan, please don’t bully Nagisa.]

[How was it? Can you even hit a kid with a pleading eye?]

Tsubasa Held Nagisa like a shield while Nagisa is holding a lot of snowballs.

Around this time a certain commercial about a dog went viral.

[Ku- coward]

This situation reminds me of Nagisa’s route where the player is put in the dilemma of cutting her head off when she turned into a snake woman.


[Nagisa-chan out!]

Mika-chan passed the judgement quickly.

When I was worried about the correct move a protagonist would do a snowball explode on Nagisa’s face!

[You! How dare you throw a snowball on a kid’s face without hesitation?!]

[Compassion isn’t needed in war!]

[Fine then, I already gotten near them! Kaoru, let’s go get Ciel!]


Tsubasa lowered Nagisa and picked up her snowball and rushes Ciel along with Kaoru.

[Kuu I won’t be able to dodge this!]

[I got her!]

[Don’t forget about me!]

Then the snowball I threw hit Tsubasa on the legs and Mika-chan brought down a quick sentence with:

[Tsubasa and Ciel, both out!]

[I’ve been done in, Kaoru. I leave everything to you!]

[Ara~ I guess I’m done here, good luck!]

[Hey it’s not like you to sacrifice Nagisa, Kaoru!]

[I’m honestly worried about her, be she was in high spirit!]

A fierce battle was unfolding between me and Kaoru. Our skills and physical abilities are the same but I have one advantage and that is logistical support.

[More balls!]

[Phi~! I’ll take care of it, Yuu-kun!]

[Ku- The ball is-]


I extend my left arm toward Puhiko.

[Un! Yuu-kun]

Come on let’s show them the power of the childhood bond!


Puhiko then trips over a dent made by the violent movement Kaoru and I made.

[Oh hey]

And the snow ball flew through the air as if it’s slow motion.

Question: what would happen if you accidentally hit an ally with a snowball.

Answer: you’ll be out if you got hit by an ally.

-Japan Snowball Fight Federation

[Yuu-kun! Out!]

Mika-chan’s heartless ruling was then brought down.

[Sorry. But this is a game]

Kaoru then picked up a snowball and threw it to Puhiko who was hit at the back

[Puhiko-chan! Out! Team Tsubasa Wins!!]

[We won but… I don’t know if I should be happy…]

Kaoru made an awkward gut pose and looked a bit uncomfortable.

[It’s alright! A win is a win!]

Tsubasa shouts to Kaoru.

[Sorry Ciel, but that was a good fight.]

I said awkwardly as I left.

Since the defeat is because of Puhiko’s mistake I hope my favorability won’t decrease.

[No. I believe that it’s all due to luck, you just have to win in the end, anyway]

Ciel smiled as she carefully brushed the snow off her blond drills using both hands. Looks like she still wants to play.

[Why don’t we have a break first, everyone, the Oshiruko is ready]

Mika-chan then pointed toward the snow hut where Nori is stirring a pot using a ladle, she holds on one hand while at the same time reading a book on the other.

[Oh! That’s great. Let’s continue after we eat.]

[I want to take a break too]

[I want some Oshiruko]

[Oshiruko is a bean soup, right? I don’t feel comfortable eating sweet beans…]

[Puhi- Yuu-kun, I’m sorry]

[Don’t worry about it okay. You don’t have the power now, but you have the talent to throw in mountains and snipe your enemies.]

And we go toward to the snow hut.

Author’s note

Ladies and Gentlemen, in preparation for the released of the book on February 19 I proudly present to you PV#3 Ciel-chan’s Tsundere heroine!

Please take a look if you have the time.

It’s voice by none other than Yukari Tamura!

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Depressing Galge Chapter 69: Winter (2)

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4 responses to “Depressing Galge Chapter 69: Winter (2)”

  1. “frontline wand confront the wings at the same time.” this part is unclear/confusing to me but using google translate on the raws, tsubasa-tachi isnt wings but Tsubasa and others so it reads more like:

    Ciel and I started running.

    We secured the snow wall on the frontlines as we confronted Tsubasa and the others.

    “Kouru let’s go get Ciel” Kaoru

    This chapter was more challenging to read than usual or it might just be me. Thanks for the chapter and I hope this project further improve your jp and en skills.


    • i failed to do some grammar check because of i was translating it when i suddenly got a call that our company’s server went down and i posted it accidentally without double checking my translation


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