Monster Life – Chapter 36

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I’m waiting for the group, that is too lousy to call as an army, to come straight at me from my front.  The heavy cavalry in the lead is moving away without checking the rear. Depending on what would happen between me and this 500 people will affect my future plans.Currently I have 3 options in my hand1.)    Go easy on them and beat them up2.)    Go easy and exterminate them3.)    RetreatAmong the three options; the third option is out of the question. It exists as an option, but if I escape, I’ll be treated as a <rare monster> and I will end up being chase as a valuable target because of rarity. The short-term effect of the is that the threat level will reduce for the mean time, but on the long run, it’ll be counterproductive as I would be seen as a high-intelligence threat.In other words, retreating is meaningless unless I decided not to involve myself with humans in the future.What if I chose the first option?  It’s simple. Since the army has already been deployed, if they got defeated badly, they would try to hunt me at all cost in name of pride and prestige.The second option is the same but with a different circumstance. a monster that can destroy a small army alone is nothing more than a threat to the nation. There’s no way that the kingdom of Canaan would let it slide and I’m sure that they would retaliate just for their prestige. At worst this would involve other countries. Man dealing with a nation and army’s pride is annoying.(I knew that they would come to me eventually, later down the road … I wonder why it became too early?)We can find about it later (I don’t mean I’m going to do it later)I’ll wait and watch a t the knight who wen at panic when he noticed that no one was following behind him, absentmindedly. I honestly thought that I could still play against the mercenaries but it looks like the army is already coming. Their number is unknown but there’s no doubt that destroying them would hinder my activities in Canaan. Especially if the density of traffic decreases, so subjugating them would only made them go serious so I have no real reason to go serious against them. Incidentally, it doesn’t looks like the military and the knights see this as a problem…(But it looks like they become belligerent, aren’t they?)I thought as I sit and watch the soldiers who are lining up and start to build up their formation. The mercenaries then started to move in group positioning themselves on left and right side of the formation.I am a ghast with their lack of organization but then I thought that they might just be observing their opponent’s movement (me) and waiting for it.I checked the numbers again and it looks like there’s 300 mercenaries and 250 army on the group.(It seems like they’re not serious yet because of the ratio of mercenary and soldier, honestly, it’s hard to determine.)The army started to move on my third yawn, I stood up and move brusquely. Now let’s hit them head on as they wish- but suddenly they slowed down. It seems like the soldiers on the front suddenly got scared, probably because they are already near enough to see my size.If the knights decided to charge head on I would have given them the head start, but it seems that he opted out to send instructions with no signs of initial vigor from earlier.Arrows then come pouring at me as I step forward but I just naturally ignored it. I walked through the rain of arrow with a cool face and not a single one managed to pierce me and as the distance got shorter and shorter the second wave of arrows was released.  A knight then shouts the same result, and the soldiers with arbalest moved forward. Perhaps he wants to shoot me when I get nearer, the soldiers who came in front bravely wait for the order shows that their training is top-notch and the morale isn’t low.As I was wondering how the mercenary would move, I heard a horseman coming from behind with a voice of a distinctively different quality can be heard all at once(Magic! Now show me how it is done!)I ignore the ones in front and turned to the approaching one. They immediately shot me at my back but even for an arbalest they wouldn’t be able to barely put a scratch at my back which is the hardest part of my body. Their astonishment by the fact that they failed to pierce my back raised a ruckus but that’s not important my main focus is to intercept the man with the halberd that is approaching.(They’re trying to get a blow on me using a lance charge then throw magic at me- is that it?)I grabbed the man’s halberd and stopped his charge with my strength and as the horse neigh and he’s about to fall of, I let go of the halberd and kick the horse and moved away. Immediately after, countless magic attacks assailed me.Fire ice and stone hit me but other than lightning, it doesn’t hurt that much. Heat and cold seems like not a threat to me… unfortunately. It looks like the quality of wizards on this era is very low,Looks like it’s my turn to attack now, or so I thought. But, the man who was able to get his halberd attack me with a surprise using the dust cloud and grazed my cheek. I thought I avoided the strike but it seems like I was a little bit late to react. There’s no blood but I’m sure there’s a wound. I traced the wound which I can confirm with the used of my tongue and fingers and determine that it must have been a magic spear.(I thought that this would just end up with a breach but it seems like this would be interesting)When i turned to attack, he managed to avoid it. His face show surprise but no despair (as expected of a mercenary group)The others then moved forward as if they were following the man. If reinforcement joined it would take a lot of time and effort, so let’s let the man escape for now quicklyI attacked such intention but it seemed that he move top create a distance to and he was able to avoid my first attack and when I thought that I caught him for the second try he was able to avoid it with an acrobatic move that does not suit his huge body.I was impressed but since the other mercenary is about to arrived I need him to be out of the scene so.[Gah!]I gave a small bark and I attack the man with an out stretched arm. Even when under fire of arrows that just bounced off my body, I still fired a follow up left after he evaded my first attack and was sent flying. Although he caught it with his halberd his half-plate armor was tattered and he completely collapsed.Shouts and scream flew and magic and arrows was fired disorderly and the scene finally looks like a proper battlefield. The first one to came over the collapsed man was the stinky guy with large sword. Well he was a little too prominent and until all of them are present he would be my sole opponent.Facing me head on he suddenly laugh[Yo]I’ll give you 10 points for speaking in the language I understand, however you’re already at -50 points. Their vigilance increased when I released a low growl.(Even so it looks like there’s too many of them now, so should I just lump them all together from the beginning…mercenary business feels liken a hassle)The man with the sword avoided the series of arrows and magic attack that is coming to us while looking for a chance to send in a blow to me. He slashed those arrows and blow away magic attack with his first. Perhaps because I already experience getting attack by his blade that I was avoiding it rather than defending.The halberd guy from earlier wasn’t that bad but since he failed to properly gauged the power difference and his armor got in his way ending up in him collapsing and also I need him to be out of the scene before this guy came.I took a stride to close the distance to throw in a back hand fist to make him jump back. But as I was about to take another step I felt an impact  on my left hand disorienting my balance and sent me to the ground. And with the sword about to hit me on my place I kicked the ground to blocked it by butting my  head on him sending him far away.(Was that magic? I was caught off guard by its weak power… no it aimed exactly when I was vigilant)The blow just now was a little chilling. It looks like it was released just to hinder my movement, however it’s won’t be a fatal blow so I’ll give praise for their combination.(Heh~ so was that the woman in witch outfit?)I glanced at her and designated her as someone who I should be wary of. She quickly moved away from her locations and blend in with the other mercenary, quite a bothersome fellow huh.The mercenary surrounds me and some of them who are out of my range drew their weapons. Unlike the mercenary group who’s strategy is to have those who are confident with their skill this one loke like going for the kill.It’s getting a bit depressing playing with them so I kicked those mercenaries trying to get a hold of me.[Release!]The mercenary pull back with the signal but the firing was unorganized however I felt a sign that something is coming at me. But unexpectedly my back fist was evaded as if sneaking inside(diving through that?!)It was quite a surprised and thought how could there such a reckless guy with lots of guts. But the magic sword he used is no match for me.So what are you gonna do now? When I laughed out eyes met and the other person is smiling too then she threw a vial which I evaded by jumping back and as I was about to land. She threw and oversized fireball![Gaaaah]With a serious blow, I changed the trajectory of the fireball and she splashed a smelly liquid and disappeared again.What a pesky wizard.I laughed, then leaped towards the knights and cleave them with my hand as soon as I land. After blowing them away I changed direction and head towards the heavy cavalry man.

Monster Life – Chapter 36

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