Monster Life – Chapter 37

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Chapter 38 at My attack started but suddenly there was a problem


[Stop! – Don’t come here!]

As you can see, it’s a big mess.

I can properly understand 80% of what they are talking about since they’re using simple words and I mistakenly anticipated that they’re moral would be high but with the sight of them scampering to retreat even to the point of them trampling their comrade to death is disappointing.

The knights are poorly commanded and the army is already on the rush. The battlefield formation has completely collapsed because of my rampage. Some of them are already starting to flee leaving their allies behind and if this is war, the victor would already be determined.

With a rough translation I heard them saying;

 [I didn’t sign up for this!] (Liberal translation by yours truly!)[1]

There’s nothing you can to do this large body of mine, unless you have some modern weapon.


I barked on purpose and swing my arms around and threw soldiers all around. I took care to not kill them even with my large arms. Still, the violence of mass and speed is still terrible that even with just a swing of an arm I can still blow them away even if they put up their shields.

[Pull back! Pull Back! Rebuild the formation!]

A knight who was in his horse probably shout out such commands


I didn’t catch it but it’s probably some slanders.

[Why don’t you fight too?]

When I stepped up in the front of the knight a middle-aged man looked at me with an amused expression.

And immediately after, I heard horsemen riding towards me

[Sir Martis! I’m here to help!]

[Oh, Sir Cassangra! Thank you!]

Since my translation is kind doozy, but I bet he is saying something along that line base on their gestures.

(Were not doing some stage play here. Be serious!)

Are the nobles of Canaan KingdOm a bunch of idiots?

I hit the knight who did a lance charge with his lance and blow him away and at the same time slam the other away with my tail.

The remaining knight tried to stop their fleeing allies but it wasn’t successful. I felt that I blow away half of them so now I change my target to the mercenary, so I charge at them while ignoring all those elites and of course they have no way to stop me and the mercenaries were hurled out by me.

Training people takes time and money and losing someone who has been trained will caused considerable damage, and considering the morale of the unit and their future activities the next step they should make should be obvious.

 Unlike kings and lords that thinks that they can just pluck anyone from the field, mercenaries would want to avoid losing too much people or else they won’t be able to continue their business. Knowing this I charge at the strong men that formed a line.

(Earlier they fought me while surrounding me, but I wonder how would I deal with them in such formation)

The leader of the group was the stinky man with greatsword. The group stopped for a moment when I came up towards them. They divide themselves in two group, one who would intercept me and the other one would deliver a finishing blow.

The first move was as expected, performed by the leader. He was quite quick with his sword; he slips and slide and swiped at me with his greatsword but he didn’t hit me as I avoided it lightly and as we are about to pass each other, I hit him with my tail blowing him away.

As soon as he lands, he was struck along with his group and plunged at the intercepting group. Immediately wall made of earth taller than me appeared in front of me, which I shoulder tackled and runover the mercenaries that have an astonish looks plastered on their faces.

I slammed on the brakes and did 180 turn while in all fours.

It must have been a nightmare when they thought that I have already passed but then I’m in front of them again.

I pursue and attack those who are still standing. With a swing of my arms, I blow them away and those who tried to grab have themselves hurl to kingdom come. I then noticed that no one is standing around me and those who are safe are the other mercenaries who was faraway and soldiers who have lost their will to fight looking at us from the distance.

(Is it over? I’m taking easy on them, so I’m sure there aren’t many who died- but for those who died, I guess they should just blame their luck)

Just as I was to walk away, I instantly recognized that someone is chanting magic and turned. I saw an earthen spear spinning at high speed towards me.


The trajectory was quickly deflected with my back fist.

Both the speed and mass is excellent and also the fact it was spinning would be enough to kill me. I can still feel the sensation in my hand. What a great magician, she lurks to find an opportunity to strike.

(I should be careful… the moment I thought I already won would be the most dangerous time)

The female mage, who fired it slumped into the ground on the spot. It seems like she put her all on that final attack. I moved nosily towards her because I wanted to at least see her face, since her large hat is blocking it.

As I was approaching her, a bluish-white light flashed out from her staff and slashed at me

(A light saber? I want that!)

I evaded a side-swap strike by turning my body and then grab her and knock down her cane with my tail.

I gripped her firmly so that she could not escape, while making sure that I don’t hurt her.

She has a nice style and slim waist and large breast. So, every time she struggles, her breast would pop out and sway over. I wanted to enjoy the sensation for a while but I wanted to check her face first. When I lift her up, she struggled and left her robe behind exposing her bountiful breast. Struggle more, so that those breast sway more.

(Her breast looks familiar to me… eh isn’t this Oppai-san from the ogre incident?)

I looked at her face just in case but I can’t match her boob to her face. The only thing I can remember is that she’s a beauty.

[–! –!]

I can’t still understand what she’s saying. Maybe she was the really Oppai-san from before, after all she is speaking in Seizerian language.

(I guess those potions really are expensive…)

Magic potions was enough to save lives, it actually saves me once.

(I guess I have no choice]

And starts moving towards to my luggage.

Every time I walk, it vibrates and every time she struggles, I squished her.

Well, you really have such wonderful thing.

Then I suddenly turned my eyes to some of those who are unable to escape and was cowering.

A female mage is about to be kidnapped but no one dared to do anything, rather they only have looks of resignation on their faces like saying;

[If it only takes one sacrifice…]

I snorted at the scene and starts walking again like saying I lost interest.

I guess she realize that it’s impossible to get out of my grip, she only tapped my fingers which didn’t hurt nor itch which I kind of think is cute. She gave up in resisting entirely and said something which I couldn’t understand so I ignored it.

We arrived at the luggage and put her down gently and put her down the ground. Then I took the magic sword off my luggage and held it in front of her. She looked for a while in disbelief on what she’s seeing and then looked at me as if she had come to her senses.

I nodded back and put the magic sword down the spot, put my back pack and left immediately.

There shouldn’t be any problem returning because the carriage remained and didn’t runaway


It’s as if she’s calling me but I don’t feel like turning around.

(it’s nice to see her boobs one last time though…)

I thought but by then she should have fixed her messed up clothes so I ran away. Now I had no more contact to Oppai-san. I felt sad, but there’s still the task of monitoring the elves. And also, now my activities in Canaan is officially restricted now.

Now then, what’s my next target?


1: it was translated by the MC not me from Seizerian to Fleurutian

Monster Life – Chapter 37

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