Monster Life : Chapter 39

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I look at the carriage in front of me

[Hey what the hell is that supposed to be?

[It’s poisoned bait. You want to exterminate vermin, right?]

 I felt like an idiot for asking.

In addition, the mercenary group that has the largest number of skilled mages decided not to join the mission and I when I estimated, our chances of winning are now more remote, it is understandable that the members would complain a lot

[It is believed that it took the dried meat, it would be easy if he took this.]

Edward, perhaps sensing the mood of the situation, said something that could only be considered comforting even if he doesn’t know if it will be effective.

[we will now subjugate the evil monster lurking in our streets! This is a direct order from the lord though whoever takes will be honored and rewarded though it will be by a long shot for you have to cut in to before I took its head. I look forward for your efforts]

One of these knights is helplessly delusional.

Anxiety is reigning over my head now.

Oppai-san perspective

My fears are right, as we heard the reports of arrows not piercing, the soldiers become upset. The leader of Fudo Daiken who led the charge was easily defeated. The soldiers are not paying attention to the magic getting shot at their direction and even panicked when they found themselves left in their own devices.

(He’s probably resistant to magic too…)

It’s obvious that half bake technique will not work. If it doesn’t hit him in the first place, there would be no point of it.

It’s our job to make sure that we damage him, if weapons don’t work properly, our only chance left would be the mages, but for some reason none of them are willing to use their best spells.

No wonder Orlando was quite disheartened.

Even the arbalest doesn’t work against it, we decided to leave the soldiers who are no better than scarecrows alone and carefully positioned ourselves while carefully kneading our magic spells to weave through our allied merc group.

If ever he turned toward us, it’ll be our end. I moved to a position where I can get behind him while hiding behind the mercenaries to not to stand out.


Orlando calls out to the new species.

Orlando had some history with this guy but does he remember him? He made a low growl, a confirmation that his attention is directed towards Orlando

(He’s intelligent, he remembers who he fought once after all.)

The battle begins between the monster and Orlando who was put in to the defensive. He did it to buy time until our allies arrive. The leader of Fudo Daiken was defeated quickly and so we are force to stall for time. And now that Orlando has all of his attention it’s my turn.

I sent all the magic I kneaded towards my staff and began chanting. If you have an experience of battling him once you should know that he won’t be easily be beaten is I carefully set my sights on him and watch my timing.

Orlando who seemed to be annoyed for not landing a single blow against it.  I was able to put his hand on the ground when I hit him exactly when he swung his hands on their exchange. Orlando didn’t miss that and launched a follow up but was intercepted by the monster stepping forward from his position

(Damn I wouldn’t be able hit him in that position!)

It’s not a good idea to stay here now that he’s aware of me, though I’m sure he saw me already that’s why I need to change my current position. I regret that it was not enough to send a blow to him but now that the rest of the Dawn of war is here, the tide of the battle would change. They are mercenaries that is always on the offensive. I’m sure they would be too much for him to handle.

Or, so I thought, till the knights drag us down. They began shooting useless arrows destroying the merc’s chance of attack. I knew that another chance would arrive if we persist after all combat experience trumps all and the member of Dawn was able to make that chance again.

They advanced through arrows and dodged his attack. The mercenary named Annie threw a magic potion to his hand. And I also thought that it would be impossible so lose at this range but it seems like he is smart enough to be wary of an unknown attack and evade it.

(But I won’t miss this chance)

I completed my chant and as soon as I was in front I released my fire magic this time. The most powerful one I can use. I’m sure could hit him before he lands.


He howled and at the same time slam his fist into my oversize fire ball changing its trajectory


The only thing I can think of us that he’s fire resistant, otherwise it would be not be possible.

I moved away quickly from the spot but I definitely knows that he is watching me. This would make it hard for me to take a shot at him again because of his wariness increased and my limit is just one more shot left.

He suddenly jumped and landed in the middle of the army led by the knight and then he reached out to the soldier who never looked at him before.

We should have realized it before by the fact that he had been fighting without moving from his spot for a long time but now he is going on the offensive.

It was the beginning of the overrun

The soldiers were helpless, had been sent flying and trampled. Him simply running as if he was on an empty field made the soldier fell and runaway.

The monster went into a rampage and there’s no way to stop him now


One of the knights tried to issue commands but who would listen in such a situation?

I tried to move because I knew this will be the next place that monster will go to , but instead of moving back I moved towards the people who are fighting him.

Soon after the lord’s army fell, he then charged towards the mercenaries.

No one can stop him.

Not even the mercenary was able to keep up with him and his speed

[This is the last one]

Although I called out to Orlando who passed by but it seems that it wasn’t the case.

Unlike the army once the mercenary group is destroyed, then that’s the end of it and you have to stop it with everything you have. That must have been what these mercenaries were thinking as the rush towards him.

(Is he trying to take us all down at once?)

I had a feeling that he will end this here and even if I started chanting now, I knew I won’t make it on time.

(But still!)

I don’t know how much would it take, but I have no choice but to do it!

I could only watch as the mercenary collapse and falls on my sides. I was wishing if they could buy me sometime but I realized that no one left was standing, neither the soldiers nor any of the mercenary around tried to move and when I thought that my chant is complete, it was already too late.

(I’ll still do as much as I can)

The magic power from the magic stone depletes and it shattered and I released a pointed boulder that was spinning. It’s a secret I learned from the school which failed to realized till now.


His fist which he raised with a howl clashed with the boulder and changed the trajectory. My wish was in vain and it flew off to a different direction.

I cling to my staff as I am on my knees and he’s about to approach. By sacrificing the activator of my wand, I used up its remaining power to form a magic made sword and slash at him only to be easily be avoided. He caught the staff and knocked it off me using his tail

(Oh no! if Orlando is right the he would eat me!)

He grabs me but there’s no pain. The fact that he had no intention of hurting me sends shiver down my spine, confirms that he’s telling the truth. I am prepared to fight and die but I can’t suppress the fear of being eaten alive. I tried struggling to get out of his grasp but his hold was firm. I tried squirming around like a caterpillar but to no avail.

As I was about to give up, he suddenly stared at me but didn’t seem to show any intention to bite me.

[I’m going to burn you inside out!]

This is the last kind of resistance I can offer even if I knew that it won’t mean nothing. But even so, I couldn’t just do nothing.

I am already prepared to be eaten alive, but it still doesn’t show any intention to eat me. On the contrary it looked at me for a while and then started walking away

[Where are you going?]

There was no answer. I tried to look around but there was no sign of help coming. At that moment, the words of the prostitute that I had met before while gathering information came back to me. She said that the other girls had been looked the same way and maybe he is looking at me human woman same as how gobbling looks at women.

[No way]

That’s the only thing that came out

[Are you going to rape me?]

The monster did not respond.

Of course not. It’s impossible for him to communicate to her. After a few moments he finally stopped at his destination at the carriage we had used as the bait.

[If you’re going to kill me, do it quickly]

I said.

He then abruptly dropped me and then began to played at the large backpack

I don’t know what’s the reason behind his behavior but since I am now free, I looked around for something that can be used as a weapon. Just as I was about to make my last attempt of resistance, he held a sword toward me.

A familiar sword – something that I would never ever forget- is now in front of me.

Finally, I found it.

Just as I was about to reach it I came to my senses and when I looked up to him he nodded. He put the sword down the spot as if saying that he is now returning the sword.

I reached out and touched our magic sword and held it lovingly. I wanted to cry and rejoice but I couldn’t. everything is not over yet.

The monster with the backpack on his back turned it back and walk away. I guessed it had no interest in me,

So, I shouted

[Humans are not your toys!]

I’m glad that I got the sword back but I wonder why her returned it?

(Are you telling me to stop being an adventurer? You monster!)

The only thing I understand is that even if we put our lives to the line, it would just be a game for him.

We’re nothing but a toy for him.

Monster Life : Chapter 39

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  1. Fuh fuh fuh. Ita funny they think he is a villain. I hope her story doesnt end there. Also i wanna know what the elves will think of him. Thanks 13.


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