Depressing Galge: Chapter 71: A Double-dip Drop Ahead for those who Don’t make the effort of staying put.

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(It’s not good to be too greedy, is it? So far, we’re still doing pretty well. I should be.)

Nagisa-chan is fine as long as she continues to grow up away from any life-threatening events.

Nori-chan, Mika-chan and Tama-chan are able to control their relationship at just the right sense of distance through business.

Ciel’s relationship is in a good balance of business-like and friendship. Unlike the through she has a conglomerate backing her completely reining her relationship. Sadly, there’s nothing I can do to her relationships.

(I’m not sure how much more I can approach her now. I can’t seem to get rid of Puhiko flag)

I took one look at the main heroine <Last boss>

[Yuu-kun this oshiruko this so good!]

[Be careful, you’ll get fat]

[Yuu-kun, you’re being naughty again! By the way I added natto extract in oshiruko to help me lose weight, so you’ll be fine]

[I see… Natto is really versatile]

Honestly, I don’t know how to handle Puhiko. It is difficult to involve her in business just like the other heroines. Also, she has an incredible level of dependency on love in her life and has a very sweet filled brain. She’s not like Mika-chan who can say something like [I don’t need a boyfriend; I just need to be by Yuu-kun’s side]

In short there’s no way to satisfy Puhiko other than to have a romantic relationship with me.

There’s one way to solve her problem.

(… do I have no choice but to continue to wait for puberty to pass and have her time run out as a priestess?)

There’s an age limit for becoming a priestess of the Princess of Nubatama and that isn’t for the convenience of the game setting but rather it’s the issue of compatibility to gods.

Even the oldest heroines in the game have to be in their early twenties to get involve in the curse.

(Do I really have to live in Puhiko’s good graces for the next 20 years or longer?)

It’s a little depressing to think honestly.

(Well, I already took measures. –First of all, I’m going to send Puhiko and other heroines and character of Kumosora to an integrated middle and high school that I bought, to distance myself from this village and get through adolescence)

Even though it is just the 2000s, birthrates had been declining for a long time already since, there are plenty of schools that will be in financial difficulties. I selected the ones that don’t have any flags flying and offered a higher severance package to the current board member and making the settlement quicker.

Mika-chan is already in my side and if we either entered the school I’m sure Puhiko would follow suit.

I probably could convince Kaoru and Nagisa based on the fact that the educational level here in this village is frankly lower compared to the outside school which I can use as a leverage to convince their parents.

In Tsubasa’s case she might just go to other school with sports recommendation. Anyway, as long as we can separate them from this village, that’s all that matters. If we, his friends, leave the village, Tsubasa’s chances of coming to the village will be drastically reduced.

(After that, it’s up to Puhiko… If we go on to higher education, Puhiko have to leave the village because there’s no university here. And if she wants to get a job, just get her to a job at a company I own in a suitable urban area, so all will be well)

If Puhiko has a dream, I will support her, just as I have done for other heroines, and even if she doesn’t have one, I will provide her with a good job so that she can lead a decent life without doing anything. If she goes out of the city, she will meet more men and she may have her sight on someone other than me. In that case it falls to me to investigate the man, his back ground and his characters and check if he’s decent enough to make her happy, then I’ll leave it to him.

If not, I would destroy him with power money and violence.

Well now that my body is rested, let’s continue.

I organized my thoughts and stood up, secretly reenergizing myself in the back of my mind.

This gal game called my life is a marathon. I have no choice but to take it easy.

[I can’t help it if Yuuki wants it badly. I’m happy to go along with you.]

Ciel said with a tone of a tempestuous Tsundere and puffed her chest

[You say that but we only have 2 people each and if Nori-chan joins won’t it become two versus three?]

[I don’t think there’s a need for a referee in the first place. There should be no problem with reporting whether or not they got hit by a snowball. I don’t think anyone here would cheat]

I guess that was true. Then, let’s ask Mika chan to join the fight.

[I understand, Nori-chan, you can decide which team to go]

[Then, I’ll join Ciel’s side. in the next novel, there’s a scene where the noble’s children are bullying commoners in a snowball fight]

And as usual Ciel pushed Puhiko to me. As expected of nobles, she plays dirty.

[Puhihi, Yuu-kun, let’s do our best!]


I said boldly and took a step onto the battle field for the snowball fight.

[I’m tire of snowball fight. I want to make a snowman]

[Nagisa-chan let’s work a little harder, okay? Then we would make a snowman after, okay? I’ll leave the most important part of making one, putting the carrot nose on it to you.]

[Yay! I’ll do my best]

And so, we plunged into the next round of snowball in a leisurely fashion

Depressing Galge: Chapter 71: A Double-dip Drop Ahead for those who Don’t make the effort of staying put.

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