F Rank: Chapter 21: The F-Rank me gets a base in another world

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May 13, Wednesday 5

Aria faced me, then asked.

[Are you Okay Takashi? What happened there?]

I then remembered that night again. After Aria fainted, I was abducted by the mysterious woman into a forest which I don’t know where.

After a bit of hesitation, I decided to omit the matters of what happened in Japan and reveal only the outline of what happened.

[Actually, that night it was that woman who put you in a coma Aria. We met her at the magic shop]

[So, it was her! Her suspiciousness was so obvious from the beginning! The next time I see her, she won’t get away scot-free]

[After that. I was teleported to the forest instantaneously by that woman.]

[was that a teleport!?]

For some reason they reacted to the word <teleport>

[um… did I say something strange?]

Mateo answered my question]

[Transfer magic is special. So special, in fact that you won’t be able to find someone who can use it that easily as only few are capable of such feat!]


[At the least, I knew no one who can use it]

Aria who was listing to our exchanged butted in.

[maybe she was a demon?]

[a demon?]

[You don’t remember about demons?]

[Yeah, sorry]

[Don’t apologize Takashi, you’ve lost your memory]

Then Aria kindly explained what demon are to me.

They’re creatures that have more magical talents than the elves. Their characteristically have horns on their head. Once upon a time the demons, led by the demon king attempted to conquer Isdifui but was stopped by the legendary heroes, since then they have hidden themselves in deep mountain valley and rarely appears in front of other races.

Probably because of her eyes and the black robe she wears plus her ability use such great magic as the reason why Aria deducted that she might be on.

Aria asked me anxiously.

[Did she hurt you or something after being teleported?]

[No. She only asked me to show my status which I showed]

Aster thinking a bit more. I continued my story…

[I was suddenly out of it and the next thing I knew; it was already morning.

What do you think?

Was it too forced?

It looks like Aria didn’t notice that I was nervous inside and she looked at me strangely.

[in the end what did she want?]


That’s a mystery to me as well. She looked at my status, after being convinced of something, disappeared without warning.

I composed myself and continued.

[After I woke up, I walked around and met Noemi…]

[I guess Takashi had a rough time too]

[well, I was worried about you too.  I’m really happy to see Aria again.]

Aria blushed a little when she heard my words.



Matteo who was listening nodded.

[Anyway, I’m glad for her. Yesterday and today al she can do was call out your name like “Takashi, Takashi, Takashi” as if it was some sort of incantation]

Aria’s eyed narrowed at Matteo’s comment. It seemed that he felt the murderous intent from her that he quickly stepped away quickly.

[You guys are hungry right? I’ll bring you something to eat.]

Aria said. The Noemi and I were led to the guest’s dining area. Matteo-san brough to us what happened to be left over food from lunch after a little bit of waiting.

It was a stir-fry of some kind of meat and vegetable which is very tasty.

While eating I asked him about the main purpose of why I am here.

[Matteo-san, what happened to my luggage?]

[Your stuff is upstairs, in your room]

I don’t have a problem with it…

Then, he didn’t let someone rent the room on the second floor because of me?

I felt something well up in my chest,

Aria seeing me suddenly go teary eyed approached with care,

[What’s wrong]

[No, it’s nothing.]

Matteo-san spoked to me

[Well, you’ve the room had already been paid. It’s not like I can move a guest’s luggage out of it without permission, can’t I?]



As far as I can remember I only paid 4000 gold for the room on my first night I this world.

Aria then answered all my question

[I paid for it using the 100,000 gold]


I remembered now. Last Saturday when I first came to this world, I sold the magic stone that I got from Argos for 500,000 gold. I bought weapons and armor and left 100,000 gold with a note as a thanks and apology to Aria for disappearing suddenly.

[Aria, how much was it? Please let me pay]

[I brought a bag of coin worth 100,000 gold of this world.

[Hmmm. No. I did it because I wanted to]


Well, I paid for 4000 gold last time so would 10,000 gold be enough?

I took 10,000 gold coins from the bag and tried to give it to Aria. For some reason, though she refused it.

[Was it not enough maybe?]

[e? could this be for the rent fee?]


[I told you though don’t have to.]

[But, wouldn’t it be bad?]

Perhaps noticing our argument Matteo-san interrupted us.

[Takashi, she paid 100,000 gold for you accommodation.]


I was shocked.

100,000 gold worth of lodging?

How many nights does it paid for?

Aria noticed my confusion with a sultry look.

[It’s okay you game me that 100,000, right? Since it’s mine I’ll use it the way I want.]

[But spending such money for me…]

[But your memory hasn’t comeback yet right?]

[Yeah well…]

I had explained previously to her that the reason for my lack of this world’s common knowledge is due to memory loss.

[If someone have loss memory, he would be worrying about lots of thing right. It would be best to have somewhere to stay]


Aria who can be a bit crass and simple minded looked like an angel at this moment.]

[I was alone once too and have nowhere to go and I was scared…]


Aria raised her face.

[well, I’m not really sure what to do about it so anyway, I’ve already paid for the next two month so don’t worry]

[Two months….]

Matteo then pats me at the back.

[Takashi, I’m looking forward to your continued support]

I felt happy and bad… is this how I would get my base here in this world?

After finishing the meal, I called out to Noemi

[So, Noemi, what should we do? Try looking for someone from the adventurer’s guild to take you to Aarv Divine tree Kingdom?]

[Aarv Divine tree Kingdom?]

Matteo looked surprised.

[Do you want to go there, little girl?]


[You’re an elf, right? According to what I heard, there’s regulation being imposed in regards to elves entry.]


I asked in surprise.

[I heard that an assassin tried to kill the princess and is on the run. The said assassin was an elf. That’s the reason why elves are currently being scrutinized heavily.]

F Rank: Chapter 21: The F-Rank me gets a base in another world

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  1. Hello, my name is Bob smith. I’ve been reading the light novels that you have been translating for a while now and I am a fan of them. i wanted to ask you some questions about them if you don’t mind?


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