Monster Life: Chapter 41

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After the battle was over, I successfully returned the sword and exits dashingly, heading to the river. Honestly, I doubt that you can even call that a battle, personally I find it more of a level of a good exercise. I’m just a little sad that the kitchen knife is gone, but that magic potion is enough.

I don’t think imperial cutlery would lose to that sword and since I have 5 of them, I should return the excess.

Noe then, if I go further east passing through the small forest, I should arrive at the Restanant River. Since it’s upstream, I can expect it to be clean and with lots of fish.

I’m a little to excited and dirty I decided to wash up first. I washed my dirty arms, feet and tail while catching some fish and transfer it to the container I prepared.

I haven’t got the chance to catch some fish lately because I wasn’t monitoring the elves. So, I went here to take a bath.

After the bath, I let my body to dry naturally and start a fire to grill the fishes. At that time, while I was trying the fire starter magic tool, I touched the magic tool but I didn’t feel any difference in temperature. I tried touching it again and again and I didn’t get burned or even reflexively retract my hands.

(Am I resistant to heat?)

I don’t want to break the tool so I’ll leave it here and touch it. Then I notice that the back of my hand which was slightly burnt are now back to their original color and when I check it also seems like the scratches at my back is also gone.

(I knew that I had high regenerative power, but I don’t need to worry about that to such extent)

I nodded even if I don’t have any idea of what’s with this ability.

While eating the grilled fish I planned my next move. I reckoned that after their smashing defeat the Kingdom of Canaan wouldn’t take it silently. It’s possible that Canaan would hide this without doing anything but that is impossible as it isn’t as corrupt as Liberin and Haile on the south.

After finishing the meal and put the leftover on the cooler and cleaned up my cooking implements.

I decided to attack another caravan on another road since Canaan wouldn’t be able to move that easily. After that I need to get out of Canaan for a while, I guess I can rampage for a bit.

If I hurry, I will be in the highway with the sun still high and if our timing is good, we can attack at night. So, I carried my luggage and checked the direction and run in a straight line. The road wasn’t well kept but this body just blitz through it.

After passing through the forest, we came to see the town of Hagen which is located in the southeast of Canaan and is the closest town to Seizelia. Targeting any merchant party passing through this town would make you wanted by both Canaan and Seizelia, that why we would position ourselves around the road that would go directly to the capital.

I don’t know what kind of export Seizelia have today that’s changed from back then but all I know is that it would help improve my diet. If royalty nobles or big merchants had stopped being extravagant, that would not be the case.

I might also get something unexpected. And when I thought about getting some luxury items from the royal family, I become motivated. Although I was born affluent, I was born a commoner. I got excited on the possibility of using those royal items, so I increased my speed while looking at the city streets from a distance and kept running till it get dark. As I continued, I found a light so I changed direction and when I thought that I found a group of merchant resting, it turns out that they’re bandits. There’s 20 of them hurdled over the fire fighting over something.

I tried listening but I only picked up a few words from their faint voices like merchants and escaped. So, I guessed these guys tried to robbed and failed and were now to take the bait.

This gave me more reason to get those items from the merchants. So, I cut through the middle of them and the shabby bandits screamed.

Judging from their story the caravan shouldn’t be that far since I believe it wasn’t that long ago. I can still catch up with my feet. If they stopped to make sure that they have shook off they’re pursuer it’s possible that I would be able to find them.

Sure, enough after less than an hour of running I found the merchant’s encampment.

(Hmmm five wagon and 7 escorts, I guess the rest was killed by the bandits earlier)

My condolence, but bandits doesn’t give a shit about other people’s consequences.

I decided to block their path to cut their escape route.

(Now tell me, retreat and the bandits would kill you and advance and I will annihilate all of you, now choose)

I’m having fun and it seems like I’m in a good mood.

In an instant the escort panicked and I closed in on one of the wagons quickly. I looked inside the carriage while passing through so that the horse doesn’t run away.

The inside was mostly filled with precious metal and ornaments and I presumed the gems are processed at Seizelia. I also confirmed it by the smell and all I can smell are metallic odor.

(This cart is a lose)

Then I slap the in coming escort with my tail and knocked him out.

Then I went to the next carriage

Since I could already tell the items inside, I disconnected the apparatus that connects the horses and saved it for later.

I headed for the third carriage I grabbed one of the escorts who is shooting arrows at me, well I didn’t throw him that high so he will definitely survive.

There’s food water and daily necessities and two children sleeping. I’m sure they’ll be a big shot in the future, they didn’t even wake up after all this commotion.

I headed for the fourth one but there’s five escort that stand in my way along side the breathless parents on their side, but I ignored them and check the carriage.

I noticed three people collapse that was blocking my path.


One of the escorts attacked me with a longsword and when it hit my unprotected back and then I felt that the sword left his hand and fall to the ground so I give him a quick flick to knocked him out.

On the fourth carriage I found sugar. There’s two of them which may not be much so I’ll take one. there’s nothing else that I wanted so I finished my business with the wagon.

The main thing I want is spice so I can’t just waste my bag space.

I went to the last carriage with a trembling old man inside. When I trust my hand inside, I heard him saying [Please stop]. His snot filled appearance made me feel sorry for him so I stopped.

I went back to the second carriage thinking there’s nothing I wanted from the other carriage. I took down my back pack and filled it with spices.

(In term of ration black pepper is the most common after that is red pepper and green pepper. Honestly, I don’t like spicy peppers.)

It’s not bad that it’s whole, but have me wanting some peppershaker. I filled the container to the brim with spices leaving me no choice but to carry the sugar jar on my arms. I started to run and heard them thanking good and cursing me.

If they had been attacked by the bandit and consequently, I was able to saved them I’m sure they’ll be thanking god in the same way. The incomprehensible fact that they are saved by a monster would be dismissed as a miracle of god.

Ever since the beginning of time humans and monsters have been in the path of killing each other. This truth would never change. We have accumulated to much body count so it’s too late to say anything about it.

It would be a different story if they tried studying monster, unfortunately only the Empire could do such thing. I didn’t remember other country doing it at least. And if the things are the same from 200 years ago then there’s no country that would consider the idea of an intelligent monster.

Incidentally I’m only talking about humans not the elves. They do not recognize monster as enemies. Their race spec is too high to consider monster as enemy. Even if I want to call a dragon, the dragon won’t come near them.

(The Empire who fought them for 10 years is kind of amazing if you think about it.)

Thinking about it, being a human is also a big deal huh. If only they also took in science and doesn’t just enrich their magic skill the they could have been more affluent. Such toss crossed my mind as I run through an empty plain.

If only they had advanced enough to create data disks, my problems would have been solved. I changed my direction and went back to the shopping mall because I want some peppermill. I want it reimbursed on the Imperial army.

Since I intend to keep running through the night from this place, I should be there tomorrow night. Food there is scarce but we have a place to sleep so we will spend the night there and return back to base after.

Monster Life: Chapter 41

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