Dungeon Busters: Chapter 3: Collect the Goblin Cards(A)

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===Akane’s POV=====

Even when I’m in card form, I can somehow grasp what’s happening around me. My master, Kazuhiko-sama is the kind that loses sight of his surrounding when he is concentrating on things. And except for washing his hands and eating, he spent most of hist time fighting on the first level.

[So, this is a goblin card, I don’t need it.]

He exclaimed.

When defeated, a monster has a certain chance to drop a card. The probability is about 2%. When master picked it up his 10th card a status window suddenly appeared on its own.


Name: Kazuhiko Ezoe

Title: Contractor no. 1

Rank: F

Number of cards held: 0/∞

Skill: Card Gacha (1)







[Hmm, I see a 1 on the Card Gacha section. Does that mean that if I obtain 10 cards then I can then have one try on the Gacha? What if I use Akana on the Gard Gacha?]

What a thing to say! How dare you treat me, one of the 108 pillars, the highest of all cards in the dungeon system, the same with a lowly goblin card and the like! I will never forgive you! Depending on your answer, I will squeeze you dry till you die!

[Kazuhiko-sama… You wouldn’t sacrifice me to some unknown skill, won’t you?]

[A Sorry, I phrased that wrongly but rest assure, I won’t let Akane go until the day I cleared all the dungeon or till the day I die. Anyway, it seems that it pops out after the 10th drop and doesn’t count any card that is currently manifested]

[Together until death do us part… Ufufufu]

Kazuhiko-sama’s word warmth my heart. I’m not a woman that could easily be moved by frivolous words easily but maybe because of the day we spent together, the time we eat, sleep and fight together, it made it impossible for it to have no effect on me.

Kazuhiko-sama’s appearance had changed a little too. His once protruding belly become a bit smaller and the plump below his chin decreases too. A little more weight lost and he would be a very attractive and austere gentleman.

Ara~ Kazuhiko-sama made something appear again. I wonder what is it this time?

===Kazuhiko’s POV=====

There’s a change in the skills placed on the status window. Based on the name Card Gacha I have the hunch that it might be same with Gacha that you can find in various mobile games. However, I do not know what token I need to use in order to pull the Gacha. At first, I thought it was the 500 yen that was dropped in the dungeon would be used as a token, next was the card then I found out that I need 10 cards to pull once in this Gacha.

The cards drop rate is around 2 to 3 %. It took me 500 Goblins to get 10 cards so the cost is too bad. Now what should I do to pull? Should I just jam these 10 cards in to the Gacha window?

Then I noticed a black area on the screen and put the 10 cards in it. It disappeared like bubbles prompting for the screen to change. There’s four Gacha machine in displayed on it. <Character Gacha><Weapon Gacha> <Armor Gacha> and lastly <Item Gacha>. <Character Gacha> probably refers to summonable entity just like a goblin while <Armor Gacha> and <Weapon Gacha> are just as their name implies armor and weapon respectably.

{T/N At least it segregated, unlike some company out there}

[Akane take a look at this!]

Akane approached me and pressed her breast against my arms. We’ll that’s fine it’s more important to check this than those breasts.

[I want to confirm if I can use the weapon and armor on the surface?]

[You can, but you need to materialize it in the dungeon then bring them out this is also true if you want to turn them back into a card]

She answered while she asserts her rich breast. I feel like my rationality is about to melt away but I still feign indifference. I am but a man too, and I admit I have strong sexual desire.

I swallowed my saliva and pressed the <Item Gacha> and with a whirl the handle that can be found on the right side moved and a card appeared.

[… That was uselessly elaborate…]

I muttered as I picked up the card that appeared. On it was a picture of what looks like a medicine bottle filled with red liquid. It was enough for me to guess what it was.

[That’s a potion, isn’t it? Drinking it will cure cold and heal cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on serious wounds and injury that can cause internal laceration and broken bones]

Then I check the back of the cards


Name: Potion

Rarity: Common


A common potion that is tasteless and odorless. Useful as cold remedy and light wound remedy


[Common means ordinary or <C>. then above that are <UC><R><SR><UR><LR>. It really is a Gacha.]

[Please don’t get discourage Kazuhiko-sama. Even if you don’t use the potion, I can always lick your wounds]

Akane declared as she swoops and wrap her arms around my neck. This is crazy! I can’t stand it anymore.

[Just now I feel Kazuhiko-sama’s carnal desire. Please don’t hold back, you can let your raging lust out unto me and devour every inch of my body.]


I put my hands over her thin waistline and tore off the bewitching beauty that was latched into me and was looking at me with wet eyes. That was definitely dangerous.

[My rank is still F and I still fight with my bare hands]

[Then that’s a promise…]

Suddenly, something soft touched my lips.

Dungeon Busters: Chapter 3: Collect the Goblin Cards(A)

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