Monster Life : Chapter 42

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Three days after returning to base and after solving one of my problems, I found myself groaning over a new problem again. Though I can’t accept the fact that all the data disc player I recovered was defective product.

It’s good that I got the peppermill that I wanted, even though it gives me a hard time, but with the properly grounded black pepper I am now having delightful meals. However, in the end it’s still a wild animal, nothing beats a farm raised livestock. Well, it can’t be helped but with these spices from Canaan, I improved my eating habit which causes a new problem.

(Ah I want to eat vegetables)

Yes, I’m craving for vegetables. I don’t want to eat those wild plants, what I want is properly cultivated vegetables. Back when I was a human, I use to eat with no care for it, only thinking of meat, meat, meat! But now that all I eat is meat, I can’t stand it and wanted to have vegetables.

I also want fruits.

It’s nice that I was able to gained some sugar, but it wasn’t surprisingly useful.  I want to make some candied fruits or boil them together.

I wonder where could I get them?

When it comes to that kind of produces, the elves are the front-runners. It is believed that they have bias for that kind of produce but in reality, they also took in meat for a well-balanced meal. Above all I don’t think I can fight those elves head on.

So that option is rejected, naturally.

There’s also the easter part of Seizeria where most of agricultural land lies close to the royal capital. I think there are rural areas in remote areas but with how endemic the monsters there I doubt I want to go to such a place.

That’s rejected too.

Then the natural option is the kingdom of Canaan…. Again.

I just made a pretty large move there and if I do it frequently it’ll hinder me more in the future.

I’ve no choice I think I should target those remote villages this time since it’s easier to plunder from place you don’t know would be destroy sooner or later by monsters, also Canaan’s resistance would be no problem too as those places mostly are destination of those exiled and abandoned so if we are right there won’t be anyone decent there.

I also think that the royalty won’t care about a remote rural town and the difficulty of obtaining information there is hard.

So all in all it’s a good idea. Aren’t I, a genius?

I pulled out a map if found that was from 200 years ago, so I’m sure it’s a little bit unreliable but the information about the terrain should still be okay.

So after I memorize the map, I prepared to go travel.

Where did I get one of these maps? Inside the facility in one of the rooms, and when I think about it since it still has electricity, we might find some data in regards the Super Soldier program.

Anyway, now that I’m ready to go I did a final check on my luggage and go. After closing the door properly and put my kitchen wares on the backpack I departed.

My first destination would be a blank area near the front-line city of Emmeriade and is near the border of Canaan Kingdom.

But before that I should make a stop-over at the elves monitoring base and stay there for a night. This is because I have been away for mission for a while so I need to check the changes that happened here, I also need to check my water replenishment points which may become a cause of concern.

With the help on my Imperial water containers, I can now carry 10 liters of water, double of back then. Aside from that the quality is far amazing than bottles that I don’t need to worry for it to crack, and the fact that I don’t need to carry additional cushions to protect the bottles freed up a lot of spaces.

I feel so relax to undergo in a mission. Thank you, Sir Instructor, for instilling such knowledge albeit short   course of a training even if I already forgotten your face too.

When I arrived at the base by noon, I quickly prepare for the mission, and about an hour of waiting it should be about time. I was already imagining the various camera angle to tale while waiting for the elven girls to appear but for some reason no one came even when the evening came. From the peeping point of the base I was looking at the river expressionless

(What the hell happened!?)

I shouted in my heard. I remembered that I’m still an Imperial soldier that’s why I have to keep calm and collected at all time.

I should try again tomorrow, but if it happened again… I decided to hunt tonight’s dinner since I can’t do anything about the situation.

After I prepped, cooked and finished my dinner and turn in for the night early since I have nothing to do.

In the morning after eating breakfast I took on the task of monitoring the elves and no matter howlong I waited Ms. No. 6 and the children didn’t appear. I looked around the peeping points but I couldn’t find anyone. The night came with nothing happening wasting today,

(One more day! I’ll try again tomorrow!)

I didn’t want to lose the oasis of my mind, that’s why I’m losing my calm resulting to another wasted day. This resulted in another wasted day as no elves came. The next day I admitted I cried as I slowly get up from my bed. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything on the elven nation, hence I have to temporary stop my elven monitoring until their problem is solve. How unfortunate of me to miss Ms. No. 6’s Morning Theater. I want to rage and scream but I managed to keep it down.

(I guess this is god’s way to tell that I need to quickly procure vegetable ASAP)

I guess I can’t do anything against god’s will.

After regaining my calm I decided to depart after breakfast and disguise the base and left. Then and idea entered my mind, perhaps the elves doesn’t want to go to the river because of my presence. Though I doubt that they would change their daily patterns just because a monster is nearby.

(Is it possible that there’s a problem at Emmeriade?)

I have no way to answer my own question nor knew if my theory was right. Even if I’m interested sticking my neck on it would be dangerous.

I headed to my destination quietly but with heavy footstep and crossed the borders of the Kingdom of Canaan later than planned. After that I reached the rural area and the first village, I found is a lose.

It looks like it was abandoned a long time ago because of the stray dogs that have already settled there  but it’s a good idea to explore it.

I found out that it was attacked by monster many years ago and had been since then left untouched. Of course the there’s no vegetable and food here so I decided to go the next target but because it’s already dark I decided to find a place to sleep here.

I found a bed at a warehouse and decided to spread the straw and sleep. I just simply cover it with cloth and lay into it.

I pray that something good happens tomorrow.

Monster Life : Chapter 42

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