Dungeon Busters: Chapter 3: Collect the Goblin Cards (B)

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Even though I just said several days, I’ve spent almost all of it in the dungeon though I return to the surface to get food, to bathe and to sleep and the time spent in the dungeon is a week at most inside and during that time, I killed more than 500 goblin and that’s a lot of 500 Yen coins.

[I’ve already got 553 pieces of 500 Yen coin or 276,500 yen. The question is if I declare this as income, how do I pay the taxes? Do I need to open a savings account?]

In my line of job can’t help but meet up with the clients and I have to keep this job for at least a year. The dungeon had helped me cut off a lot of time doing my office work but visiting and meeting up clients are very time consuming.

[I’m not going to increase my workload anymore and I should just prioritize diving in the dungeon. By the way, it looks like I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last three days. My belt is now loose and shirt’s neck line is now sagging]

When I got on to the scale. I found out that I lost almost 5 kilograms. I’m sure that I lost more body fat ever since because of the enhancement factors that would have increased my muscle strength.

[This is overwhelming. I need to eat more in order to maintain this shape…]

I made a self-deprecating joke and put my tie on in a good mood.

[You lost a lot of weight, haven’t you?]

[Well, I started exercising a little recently]

My childhood friend Iwamoto said, who is an owner president of a medium-sized pachinko parlors and business hotels in Chiba Prefecture. Originally, he was of Korean Descent [1] but I don’t really care and continued our friendship. We usually drink once a year and he was one of my first customers.

[I prepared a training plan and a set of application for career grants. If you prepare this much, you could get a grant. Also, I prepared interview for part time clerks after one month of employment. Also, about what you said about smoking. Why not try separating smoking and non-smoking area in the shop?]

Iwamoto’s face change color as he scans through the documents. This amount of work is not something a single man can do in a week.

[This is amazing Kazu-chan! Why don’t you join our board of directors? I’m sure that I can trust you with the management of the company.]

[I’m happy with the offer but give me a break. I’m happy with freelancing. It gives me freedom to take request and don’t take orders from others. I prefer to be a lone wolf.]

After that we started formulating a plan for a complete a smoking ban and other real-estate related business matters.

When I returned home, I took a shower first and change into relaxing clothes. I then packed my laptop and books in my bag and headed towards the dungeon. I’m going to finish typing the contents of today’s interview and complete that analysis work that has been requested of me. After finishing that, I would keep my dungeon exploration records. I am keeping track of how fast I could kill a hundred goblins. In the real world there’s no such thing as experience value and in the only way to solve the mystery of the rank up system is to keep tabs on it.

[Should I put a bed in here too? A frame bed might hold out but I wonder if a futon would. It’ll be troublesome to bring it every time and it would be best if I could gain storage ability just like those in the web novels]

[There should be one, right?]


I jumped up by surprise as I suddenly hear a voice behind me. I was surprised to see Akane appear suddenly.

[A surprise Kazuhiko-sama is quite wonderful]

She stands in front of me then suddenly sit on my lap straddling both of my thigh. Her beautiful white legs are exposed almost up to it her crotch.

[You know, if you push keep inviting me, I might end up doing you]

[I’m happy to hear that, I’ve been waiting for your love for a long time…]

She presses her lower body against me. I let out a sight and slapped her thighs.

[Get off me, I won’t be able to finish any job with you here]

Akane, who was still straddling me quickly turned into a card.

[according basic web novel tropes, you can get eleven draws for ten Gacha. However, I don’t know if this skill would comply to that. For now, I’m going to save my goblin cards until I have enough to draw 10 times

That means I have to kill 5,000 goblins, right?]

[The fastest time I got to kill 100 goblin is two hours, that means that 5,000 goblins would require 100 hours. If I took 30 minutes break every four hours so that means four breaks, then eight hours of sleep every 18 hours. Since we’re fighting for 16 hours and do it 6 times: so, it would be 26 times 5 plus 18 hours is equals to 148 hours. Even if I take a shower or change batteries along the way I will still have 4 hours on the surface][2]

[You’re going to kill goblins the whole time?]

Akane asked anxiously or maybe dismay, but I ignore her. I brought everything that we need in the dungeon, including food, water and towels to wipe ourselves. I also prepared an inflatable air mattress.

[Let’s go]

I entered the dungeon while taking Akane with me

Dungeon Busters: Chapter 3: Collect the Goblin Cards (B)

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