Chapter 72:  Outsiders are outsiders and home are home

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[Okay Nagisa-chan finish it for me!]


I picked Nagisa-chan up and she poked a carrot into the snowman’s face with all her might. The snowman even though looking like a goofball that’s about to be go fall, was complete

[Yay, it’s done!]

Puhiko raise her arms in joy.

[It’s rare to see a three-tier snowman]

Nori said while looking at the snowman that was divided in to three segments being head, body and legs.

[Good job! Everyone!]

Mika clapped her hands.

[Can I make a snow bunny next?]

[The sun is already setting, so let’s leave it for now.]

Winter days are short especially in winter and in this countryside.

And it’s also easy for dolls like this get possess. Even in Kumosora, a snow rabbit would move and after a lot of events will turn into a red snow rabbit.

I have to smash the snowman later.

[Eh~ I want to play some more]

[We can play again tomorrow, okay? Besides, your brig brother Kaoru is already waiting]

Nagisa is still fidgety, but I was able to calm her down and headed back home.

[Ah Sophia and Ai chan is here!]

Puhiko points to a group coming from the other side. Ai and Sophia long with the maids came here in a beautiful vertical formation. Sophia and her cohorts are dressed in a western style maid while AI’s and the rest of the girls wore a Japanese style maid outfit in kimonos.

We decided to create distinction in their outfit to quickly identifies whose girl belong to which group.

When they spotted us, they pulled off the side of the road and bowed to us.

[Good day, it seems like you are going back home too. I hope that the rehearsal went well.]

Ciel smiled at Sophia.

The Combat training is all for the purpose of filming a movie. I can’t tell them I’m training them to kill people

[We beat Ai’s team]

Sophia said proudly.

[Well, that’s right. Have you heard? Yuuki. That’s one win one loss, isn’t it?]

[E-, those are two different things]

[No, a maid’s achievement is also the master’s achievement!]

Ciel insisted. Was she that concerned about her defeat from me earlier? Ojou-sama character really hates to lose.

[I’m sure everyone worked hard. I’ll fix the frayed part of your clothes later]

Mika-chan said in a voice filled with motherly love.

[Mika-chan thanks for being nice to Ai-chan, but they can mend it on their own.]

I said plausibly. Those maid uniform is actually a weapon and I would be in trouble if they were tampered poorly

[I’m sorry Yuu kun I was just curious]

[No, it’s fine, well if you don’t mind can you escort Nagisa-chan to the office where Kaoru is?]

[Yes, I understand. Then Nagisa, let’s go]


Mika-nee head towards the office while towing Nagisa by her hands.

[Well then Yuuki, see you next time]

We parted with Ciel once we reached the fork on the road

[Then, I’m going this way.]

Nori then also bowed and went home, leaving me alone with Ai

[Master seems to be in a good mod today, being surrounded by beautiful girl from morning till night]

AI bent down and looked at me from below.

[You seem to be in a good mood even though you lost to Sophia]

[Fufufu, if this was a real battle, they would end up with being prey to hungry foxes by now, Chuuko who is satisfied winning a game with rules isn’t cute.]

Ai chan smiled wryly. I haven’t seen the mock battle but I can imagine what she just said and I’m sure that she must have played the type of <lose the game, win the war>

[You’re quite dependable, alpha dog-sama]

[right! So can you be more affectionate towards me?]

[if a dog is spoiled too much bot the owner and the dog would be unhappy.]

We arrived at a base near my house which looks like a share house with lots of room to grow. The girls who once lived in the container now have become more socially adept, enough for them to live together thanks to Mika-chan’s dedication and love.

With a rumble one of the members opens the double door entrance and revel herself, a girl not suited for combat but is training to be an office worker.

[Master, I’m sorry to bother you. May I make a report?]

[Go ahead. What’s going on?]

[There has been some ongoing harassment going on in our front business, obviously targeting Master’s store. I think it might be the people form the Ryugagumi clan]

The girl said while showing me a report detailing the information about the store that had been affected and the extent of damage. It’s very well put together.

[Yeah, after all I’ve set it up after all. I killed the baby bear that’s why the mother bear is angry]

Ai grins

The Ryugagumi is the upper group of the Saigagumi clan that I destroyed before. It’s natural that they would be angry after I killed a lot of their people, also their office was destroyed and was shown in public. Even their crest was ragged and tattered.

An average person wouldn’t know the connections between a Yakuza, but after what happened they might have turned in to a laughing stock and becalled incompetent for not being able to protect their minions. And being taken advantage of is death so I knew that there would be some kind of retaliation sooner or later.

[So, what are we going to do?]

[If they hit us, we hit them bac- I’ll leave it to Ai chan and everyone including how much you will take and how much damage you will do.]

Ai-chan and everybody should be able to know what I want. If I keep giving them the detailed instruction, we won’t be able to grow in the future. It’s high time for them to think for themselves.

[Roger that! Would Rabbit chan cooperate with us?]

Ai squints

She’s asking if they can really on non-legal actions. Movement with the help of Kuro wouldn’t leave evidence. Even if the police where to find out, it would be impossible for them to prove the crime since the distance from this backwater village to the city is substantiable making it physically impossible to travel too instantly.

Even the best detective would not be able to solve the mystery of being teleported by a cheat rabbit. Knox would be furious if such alibi is allowed.

[Of course, I’ll give you the money and equipment you need, but I would be happy if you could be a little bit money-conscious]

I said and then went home.

Let’s see how AI and the rest would do.

Chapter 72:  Outsiders are outsiders and home are home

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