Depressing Galge: Chapter 73: New Years Resolution is made on New Year’s Day (1)

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Morning of New Year’s Day. The clear, cool winter air created a refreshing atmosphere at Puhiko’s household

[I’m sorry, you two. She got dressed already but she has to go to the bathroom again.]

Puhiko’s mom said apologetically.

[No problem, we still have time]

[Puhiko-chan will be Puhiko-chan again this year]

Mika-chan and I smiled at Puhiko’s mom in a friendly

[-by dawn this morning, eight men were seriously injured in a shooting incident at the Seventh building. The police believe that it may have been an internal dispute between Ryugagumi gangs and is being investigated. In the ☼☼☼ district, there have been similar assaults recently, believed to have been committed by drug addicts, and residents in the area are becoming increasingly concerned.]

News flash is played and the background, and the mechanical sounding reading of the newscaster naturally come to my ears

[There’s lots of this kind of news lately. It’s quite a dangerous world we live in, I hope this year would be a good year]

[Yeah, the city is quite dangerous recently]

I just replied along appropriately.

(Alright, Ai-chan and the rest are doing their best)

From other people’s perspective, it might look like it was a gang war between two group but it was really just police are being misled, which is reasonable. Ai chan probably overdose those yakuza with the dangerous drugs their selling then disposes of them.

At the least I’m able to send the message to them that I won’t give in to their harassment. In terms of the result I do say, it’s quite acceptable, though I do hope they did it little more discreetly.

Now, everything would depend on the other side. If they decide for peace I would agree on it on reasonable terms, if not it would be a battle for survival.

Truthfully, if I wanted too, I can kill the head of the yakuza by surprise but it I wouldn’t be able to find a where I can stop doing it. I want to show them that I am flexible and I could use both soft and hard tactics, that I can fight back and I can also talk things out.

[Puhyu~ Yuu-kun, Mika-chan, thank you for waiting]

Eventually, the sound of the toilet flushing was heard and Puhiko in Furisode came out from the back of the house.

[Oh, Let’s go]

[Un! I prepared a natto for mochi properly too!]

Puhiko shows off her biological weapon contained in a Tupperware.

Normally it should be something along the lines of: [Does this looks good on me?], then again that’s the main heroine of Kumosora.

[Amazake, rice cakes and dango are all sweets offered at the shrine so it would be nice to have something a little salty.]

Mika-chan said. She’s too sweet to Puhiko. Well since I don’t want to uselessly lowers my likeability I would shut up in this situation.

We headed to the shrine for the Hatsumode, and meet with everyone.

In front of the torii, Nori, Kaori and Nagisa were already waiting.

[Happy new year]

[Nori-chan. Happy new year! It looks like you’ve been writing all-night, haven’t you?]

[Looks like I’ve been caught, aren’t I?]

Nori-chan, whose eye have dark circles under her eyes smiles shyly.

[Oh, you guys! Happy New Year!]

Tsubasa came from the other side walking difficultly probably because of her using a geta she wasn’t familiar with.

[Happy new year Tsubasa, for someone who said that wearing kimonos and such was a hassle, you’ve come really equipped aren’t you?]

[I thought it would be too tight but it’s not, also it’s hard to say no.]

[I think it looks good on you!]

[My brother’s face is so red!]

Nagisa teases Kaoru.

[Happy new year everyone]

[Oh Ciel. I’m glad you came. Well, Ciel you’re a Christian right? Are you allowed to go through the torii?]

[That’s a stupid question. I’m baptized but do I look like I’m the religious type?]

[Hahaha. No, rather you look like someone who would make God kneel]

I said laughing, I’m glad Ciel is sane. She wasn’t religious but not her brother. He would try to have Ciel impregnated by a bishop who has the Messiah gene and then would try to win God’s favor by sacrificing the child as offering to the God of the Old Testament.

Well, I mean is that there’s other institution that are studying occult not just Mother. It exists all over the world.

[Yuuki. Are you and Ai-chan be guarding the shrine today?]

[Sophi, who came along with Ciel as an escort looked around and asked us.

[I’m supposed to help the shrine maiden. I think the usual people of the shrine would be too busy.]

Tama-chan alone wouldn’t be able to handle the number of the worshipper who have increased rapidly since the movie. I have Ai-chan and the other guard the shrine all around. It’s not always the case that someone is threatening my life but it’s not bad to be careful.

[by the way. I came for the Japanese mochi pounding.]

[Oh, I think it’s about to start.]

We entered the temple grounds, chatting peacefully.

Depressing Galge: Chapter 73: New Years Resolution is made on New Year’s Day (1)

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