Dungeon Busters: Chapter 3: Collect the Goblin Cards (C)

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===Akane’s POV=====

Kazuhiko-sama is obsessed with the word efficiency and productivity. He always tries to find ways to defeat most monster with ease in given amount of time. It was where his interest lies the most. He attacks goblin while running on the first layer. He is probably considering it as a way to strengthen his endurance.

[I’m going to go hit them with a kick while running. This might be the fastest way for me beat them. Let’s test this in four set and see what happens]

Kazuhiko sama said that hist style is PDCA. Set a goal you are aiming for. Make a concrete plan to achieve it. Execute it and verify, then make improvements. I was shocked, he might be the first one to tackle dungeons theoretically.

[It took me 110 minutes to kill 100 goblins. That was a slight improvement. As for the drops, I got two cars but my rank is still the same. How many more goblins do I need to kill to improve my rank?]

He then records the time on a piece of paper in his pocket then starts running again. It seems like goblins can be defeated with two blows. That’s why Kazuhiko sama runs in front while I protect the rear and picked up the coins which was the basic card collecting and training time. It was easy for me to deal with goblins from behind, but for Kazuhiko-sama, it must be difficult. Also, the enhancement facto might already be causing some changes in his body now so I will give him a massage later.

Japan, a nation of earthquake, has good supply of emergency food. And all of the 500-yen coins I got from the earlier dungeon dive was spent into survival food. I have two weeks’ worth of emergency curry and canned bread that I ordered online. Four liters of water every day for a person is also prepared. As for excrements, it seems that the dungeon will absorb it.

[This is nice. I never thought I would have a luxurious meal inside the dungeon]

Akane who ate the Hayashi rice [3] is looking uncomfortable. Since it contains an exothermic agent which allows it to be heated without an open fire it’s very convenient.

We planned to return to the safety zone every four hours to have meals. And deposit the coins and card we picked up to avoid having heavy luggage. Having this room is a big help. However, everything is not perfect, garbage such as plastics and trash needs to be taken out of the dungeon and there’s no shower room in this place. Electricity is also supplied by batteries that’s why we can’t stay in here for a long time.

[If Kazuhiko-sama conquers this dungeon then every problem would be solved]

[Hmm? What do you mean by that?]

While I was complaining, Akane who was rubbing my shoulder said something.

[When a dungeon is cleared, the one who conquered it would have two choices. One is to completely destroy the dungeon and the other is to make the dungeon his property.

[Private property? Meaning I can own this dungeon?]

[Generally, dungeons are destroyed because of the fact that mostly a lot of people are involved in the dungeon capture because most of the other participant doesn’t want one person to own the dungeon. However, if the one who is going to enter this dungeon is you, then it’s possible for you to turn it into your property.]

[If I own it, then can I get as many drops that I want? That would be great if we can do that, let’s get a lot of Yukichi san and also get a lot of another item such as potion!]

[Unfortunately, you can’t just do whatever you want. dungeon got their power from different dimension and that power that allows dungeon to generate monsters and item isn’t infante. But if Kazuhiko-sama becomes a dungeon master, you can change the layout and the interior as much as you like. You can also make a bathroom and a washroom as you wish]

[I see, let’s go then, after this we’d take an eight-hour break. I’ll go back to the surface to take a bath]


After changing into my work gloves, I started running with Akane.

[What the…]

When I punched the goblin, I felt a strange sensation. As the goblin turned into smokes, I looked at my fist.

[Kazuhiko-sama, is there something wrong?]

[Nothing. It just that the goblin died in one punch. Normally it took me two punch to dispatch them. Is by any chance…]

I opened up my status screen.


Name: Kazuhiko Ezoe

Title: Contractor no. 1

Rank: E

Number of cards held: 24/∞

Skill: Card Gacha







[Whoa! My rank has gone up and my skill changed. What is this <Available> thing?]

I looked at Akane but she only shook her head. Apparently, she doesn’t know anything about it.

[Normally you acquire skill through <Skill Jewels> that are dropped in the dungeon or through the years of training but those are a rare case. Some people gain them when they rise in rank but this is the first time, I heard of an <Available> skill. I assume that you would get an ability that is in relation with striking]

[Verification would come later. Now that I am an E rank, I need to go over the calculations. Next time we would need to measure the time it would take to kill 100 goblins]

He then pressed the watch that is in his left arm.

After eating, taking a bath and returning to the dungeon, I also replenished the food the clothes batteries and the rest. I changed to my sweatshirt and laydown the leather sofa in the safety zone. Akane is now wearing a silk one-piece nightie instead of her usual ninja suit.

Dungeon Busters: Chapter 3: Collect the Goblin Cards (C)

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