Monster Life: Chapter 43

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The next morning, I woke up from the slightly uncomfortable straw bed and yawned.

After getting used to Imperial beds, it’s hard to be satisfied on other beds of poorer quality.

It looks like I have no luck recently, so I am asking God here. For the record, religion exist in the empire and something like churches existed too.

The gods don’t have designation liked the god of xx or god of yy but rather god exist on everything.

I feel like something good will definitely happen today. Now I’m hungry, even though I don’t get hungry but I still need to eat because I feel sick not eating anything.

I found a chicken. Perhaps it was something that was bred here before and became wild after it was destroyed.

[Such a great find!]

Thank god for this luck.

 The range of dishes I can make would be wider if I took this guy home. This will profit me more in the long run rather than killing it now. Though sadly I don’t have a cage to put the bird in so I’ll returned here once I made one.

Another bird fly by and it’s a huge one it’s something I haven’t seen flying on Imperial skies.

(Are they lurking?)

Today’s meal would be wild pigs that I caught. Unlike farm raised pigs the meat is tough but it’s useless against my strong jaws.

I’ve been accustomed in dismantling it now by the way even though it became more time consuming because of me returning that magic sword back.

I then slice them thing and put it on the iron plates and divide some in to blocks that turned into skewers. I then grilled them till I cooked them inside out. A little bit burnt on the outside but addictive to bite chunk of meat was the result,

After taking in water and cleaned up I replenish my stock of water but think twice because of the possibility of bad water quality. It’s probably because of the faint disgusting smell I picked up. It’s like someone fell on it and failed to climbed back up.

What a shame to use this water to wash my kitchen tools so I decided to rinse it drinking water after. I’ll just try to replenish it in another site since it’s not much of a distance.

When I arrived at the candidate site, I checked the surrounding just in case for a village but it seems like it wasn’t being developed yet. No choice but to move to the next site.

(I forgot the next destination)

I can’t remember the place. Was it on the other side of the mountain or north from here?

(If I remembered correctly going north, I would reach a mountain, and crossing it would lead me to the sea. If I go east by the mountains then… No, I think that if there would be a village it would be around the south east)

I regretted not making a memo but because of this large body holding a pen is near impossible. So, I went southeast where there are lots of flat plains that are good for village development, however I haven’t found a single village.

By afternoon I found another abandoned village after an hour of detour. It’s eerie as the structure on it still have their original forms but mostly broken as if someone actively destroyed it.

(I cannot tell by smell or sound)

I used mimicry to approach the village and investigate. I found that there’s no people here so I released my mimicry and entered the village. I peeked inside one of the houses and determine that it was just recently been destroyed. It doesn’t look liked it was due to human conflict as the way it was destroyed was too strange.

(By the way it was destroyed it seems like something big destroyed it)

It’s possible that it’s some kind of a large monster enough to eat a human whole. It can just breakthrough the fences and destroy the walls to the house destructively to get those hiding humans.

(This village seems like it has 200 people living in here and I don’t think all of it was eaten. Though I wonder why it didn’t break the fences and I don’t seem to see any bloodstains)

I have no idea. Not that I’m a monster expert anyway and all my knowledge are superficial in nature and only from books so it would be hard for me to create a sound conclusion on what happened here.

Anyway, since villagers aren’t really my aim for this expedition but vegetables and as it is convenient that there’s no one here, time to go towards my goals.

I went to the field but not only that the crops haven’t grown it’s was overrun by weeds. As expected of an unattended field.

I decided to take a look at their warehouse since it wasn’t that long since the people here disappear but sadly mice have already devastated the place.

I guess for the rat kind this is nothing short of a grocery store.

I carefully closed the door and silently leave the place.

The next site should be beyond the mountains. I can reach it if I run there overnight. I leave the village by jumping over the walls and run through the rough mountain roads. I knocked some of the obstacle in my path.

As I was running my ears picked up something.

(Multiple boogies, the number: 10 entities… No, it twice of that, the direction is… if I continued on my direction, I won’t encounter them)

I actually been picking up the sound for quite some time but ignored it due to the plants and trees blocking my way.

The footsteps they produce definitely tells me that it belongs to humans. There’s around 20 of them silently walking.

(I wonder if they’re villager from the previous village wo escaped?)

I’m just going to check so I have to make it quietly. I thought about using mimicry but as I was pondering, I reached and edge but the place I’m stepping on collapse alarming the group and putting up a fighting stance. One of them looks familiar especially the one with the large sword. It’s our third time meeting and honestly, I want to deny that I have anything to do with this guy.

I wonder why are they here?

Monster Life: Chapter 43

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