Weakest F Rank: Chapter 22: the F-Rank me turned down the Elf girl’s request

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May13, Wednesday 6

[It seems that an assassin attempted to kill the princess that ended up in failure and is currently on the run. They say the assassin was an elf. That’s why elves are under heavy scrutiny now.]


Noemi muttered while thinking of something, after she heard what Matteo said.

[Do you know something about the assassin Noemi?]

I asked. She answered by shaking her head then Matteo opened his mouth.

[Quite an unfortunate story, isn’t it? The Elven kingdom rules all the elves in the world yet they are restricted from entering the country]

[It must be a great kingdom to rule over all elves in the world]

[Perhaps her family lives there]

[Actually, the Elven kingdom is one of the dream destination of adventurers all over the world]

[Have you been there, Matteo?]

[Yeah, but only till the 40th floor]

[40th floor?]

[Ah sorry, I’m talking about the dungeon, that is in the Elven Kingdom. Ther’s a huge tree in the center of the kingdom that reaches the heaven. The tree wasn’t just an ordinary tree it’s a dungeon.]

He told us that the giant tree that was standing in the center of the kingdom was a dungeon with 110 levels and it is said that the creator god of this world, Ishtar lives on top of it and if you reach it all your wish would come true.

[The higher you go the stronger the enemy become and I was only able to reach the 40th floor. Though there’s some account that some parties reached the 80th floor.]

[I see]

Ther are 110 floors that’s a lot for a dungeon

Well, it’s not like I have a chance.

While I was musing about it, I noticed Noemi staring at me.

[What’s wrong?]

[Takashi-sama, would you reconsider?]

[E? you want me to take you]


Aria who is listening at our conversation, looked at us strangely.

[Takashi, have you been asked for something?]

[I was asked if I can take her to the Elven Kingdom]

[E~! But according to Matteo, elves are restricted from entering the country]

Aria looked at Matteo and then he spoked to Noemi.

[Do you have family living in the Elven Kingdom by any chance?]


[I guess, if you have family there, you might be allowed entry there… But, why do you want Takashi to take you there, young lady? I don’t mean to offend but Takashi isn’t a high level adventurer]

Right? I nodded as Mateo talked to me.

[It has nothing to do with level… I’m just at ease with Takashi-sama’s presence]

Noemi blush as she spoke and when Aria saw that, her mood visibly worsened

[What’s going on here Takashi? What does she mean?]


[Why are flirting on that elf girl without knowing?]


Where and when did I flirt with Noemi?

[Look at her eyes. It’s the eyes of someone in-love!]


Matteo who had been listening in our conversation, grinned at me and started making fun of me.

[Looks like you’ve been dumped this time huh?]

Aria glared at Matteo.


Noemi, who had been watching our exchange with a stupefied look burst out laughing.

[I see that you get along very well.]

We felt that Noemi’s atmosphere is now void of tension so we decided to hear her out again.

[You only have to take me there Takashi-sama. If we can meet my parents, I’m sure that you’ll be given a reasonable token as a thank you]

[I don’t need the thank you, as I said before, I don’t think I have the ability to escort you there]

[Can you please tell me the reason?]

[You see… I lost my memory that’s why I don’t really know a thing or two about this world]

[Memory… Loss?]


Aria who was listening then offered a suggestion

[Takashi, I’ll go with you if you want to escort her.]

[Eh? With Aria?]


Aria then spoke to Noemi

[If a close friend of Takashi-sama would come then it would be fine.]


Aria seems to be happy about it, however my decision won’t change.

[But for me, I don’t really want to go that far….]

The flow of time in this world is the same with Earth’s flow. If I decided to escort her, it would take 10 hours even by carriage and I won’t be able to return to earth for at least 10 days to take my university lectures and deliver my quota of magic stone to ECD.

[We could try to go to the guild to see if there’s someone willing to bring her along to the Elven kingdom]

[…I understand]

[Well let’s hurry up and go…]

As I was about to get up from my sit, Noemi suddenly spoke to Matteo-san.

[I have a favor to ask, Matteo-san.]

[Eh? What is it?]

[Can you let me work here?]


Noemi’s sudden statement took everyone by surprise.

I then asked Noemi.

[Didn’t you want to go home Noemi?]

[I don’t have the money right now, so it’s impossible to post a request for adventurer to bring me home in my current situation]

She was captured by bandits. Even if she had some money before it’s probable that it was taken away from her.

I took out a bag of coins because I couldn’t escort her.

[Then I’ll lend you some money. I have here is 100,000 gold. Why don’t you ask the Adventurer’s guild? If that’s not enough you can ask you parent to pay the rest]

She stared at the bag but then smiled.

[I’ll only accept your feelings. Besides, if I work here maybe, Takashi-sama’s decision might change]

Then she turned to Matteo and bowed her head.

[Please, I’ll do everything so please let me work.]

Matteo then looked at Noemi and me alternatingly.

[I get it. I’m on board on it. Noemi-chan you can work here until you’re satisfied. Though I have to tell you in advance, the work here would be hard. There would be a lot of cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping and if you’re fine with that, I’ll hire you]

[Yes, Thank you. I’ll do my best]

Matteo whispered at me while looking at the happy Noemi

[Yo, lady-killer. After Aria you put your hand to such a beautiful girl this time huh]

[I didn’t put a hand on her! And why was Aria’s name mentioned here?]

[Why? It’s because Aria is always talking about you- GUFO-]

Matteo then crumpled down the floor


Noemi and I rushed to him but Aria only snorted at him

[Hmph! This is just as usual]

Apparently, Aria usually pokes him with a sword’s sheath or something and just as usual Matteo-san would revived soon.

For the meantime, now that the story is over, I decided to check my luggage in the guest room that was on the second floor.

Weakest F Rank: Chapter 22: the F-Rank me turned down the Elf girl’s request

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