Monster Life – Chapter 44:

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I’ll only watch silently and wouldn’t interfere with their bickering, though I’m a bit curious to see their reaction in this accidental encounter.

(I don’t think that they would try to challenge me after their defeat… oh I wonder if they need the money for medical treatment or something, that’s why they’re here to do or find something…)

Or maybe there’s something beyond the directions they’re going to.

I watched their exchange for a while but I don’t think that their bickering would end soon.

Can I go now? I was so disappointed that I decided to ignore them and continue on. Immediately the voice behind me became louder. I could only make out two phrases: [Stop] and [Stop Him!] but the rest, I couldn’t understand because they’re talking too fast.

As I was about to turn away something fell behind me. Judging from the sound, it was a rock – thrown by someone. I don’t know who the target is but I don’t have any intention to be involve with them so I ignore it and go my merry way.

Then I heard someone chanting and I turned around to look, I saw the busty female mage in a witch’s hat and robe using magic to propel the man behind her. She knocked him of his feet and sent him flaying towards me where he stops midway between the me and their group. He straightened his back and looked at me

(Oh, this mage…)

I could tell from the distance that she was probably a mage I knew. If so, she might just want to come to thank me but when she confirmed that I was watching her, she took a deep breath, grabbed her robe and pulled it down revealing her amazing breasts that was proudly asserting its elegance before me.

as I nodded and said in my head [Your boobs are magnificent as ever], Oppai-san then fixed her robe back to hide her amazing breasts.

[Eh that’s over?]

I said in my head while she walks to come over to me. So, she used her breast to make me stop and made me take a closer look.

(I see… I see she used her breast as bait to stop me, that’s wonderful)

Of course, that’s not how it is!

She didn’t do it to say thank you! I’m a monster so they assume that human values don’t applies to me.

(Huh? Do you think that I remember you by your chest?)

Yes, I do remember you by your breast.

I’m sorry Oppai-san, I said in my heart while paying attention to her movements. When she come in front of me, the mercenary who was with her are watching her silently.

Oppai-san then thrust the stick that she has on the ground and started scribbling something. There’s no way it would be words that she is scribbling. After a while I’m starting to make out something from her scribbles.

(A snake huh….)

I almost applauded because I couldn’t believe what she had drawn in the ground. I wonder what’s she meant with the picture of a snake?

If you’re asking me if I found this monster of yours, you’ll have to draw something more detailed. When Oppai-san confirms that I’m looking at the drawing, she then pointed at her, then the mercenary and then me, then thrust the stick to the drawing.

(So, I guess, she wants me to help them defeat the snake)

I wonder what should I do.

(There would be no benefit to me to be frank. This is may look like party request for a subjugation, but I feel like they’re only relying on me with no reward)

After thinking for a bit, a great idea comes to my head.

I put down my backpack and pull out a bottle from the clothe filled container. I showed it to her and open my hands to show <Five>.

I want to try proposing for five of these magic potions.

(It’s common sense that you can’t negotiate with a monster and that’s normal. I just want to see how she would react on the proposal.)

As expected, she widened her eyes and muttered something and stepped back. She then said something to the mercenary that was behind her. From their discussion I can confirm the word <two> in their reply.

Perhaps she understands the meaning of negotiating with a monster, her hands were shaking as she draws on the ground.

(This is breaking their common sense and values that’s why it’s not a surprise for her to look shaken and pale)

The drawing shows only three bottles which probably means that that’s the only amount they have. With this it’s not possible for me to obtain four bottles from them huh.

I was tempted to be a little mean like try to haggle her down but doing so would pressure her too much, so, I guess I should give a compromise here,

I went through my backpack again and took out another type of magic potion and showed her to Oppai-san while indicating <two> with my fingers.

By the way I used the thumb and the fore finger. This is how we count in our hands in the Empire. We started at the thumb then forefinger then followed by the rest of it.

Three blue potion and two magic potions – Oppai-san nodded when I presented this condition.

As if to indicate that we have reached an agreement she circled the total of five bottles that was drown in the ground.

I nodded and put back the potion in my backpack along side with their container then reached her and gently grabbed her. She seemed surprise but she accepts without resistance.

I casually adjusted my fingers so that I can touch her boobs with my fingers. Back then I was torn of that was a six or a seven but now it’s certain it’s a seven.

And then I put her on my shoulder and move leisurely towards the mercenary. The mercenary was noisy but I don’t mind. I may have shaken a bit too much as she was gripping my head tightly for her not to fall.

(Man, that feels good!)

I am very satisfied.

[Is it really alright?]

The old man is probably saying something along those lines, where Oppai-san saying something with a slightly raised along with some lines [Blow them right of the water] which doesn’t seem to fit the situation.

I think about it for a minute.

(I assume that they’re not meant to be here… but rather was forced to go? What’s the reason? The only thing I can think of is the previous battle— it sounds like they got with some nobles)

That that phrase would make some sense. I guess they’re force to subjugate this <snake> because of their previous defeat. However, since most of them were wounded it’s something that they can’t defeat.

So, they’re trying to crush the intention of those nobles even if they have to rely on me,

(Well, it’s not like I dislike this kind of situation)

While I was standing the man with the big sword approached me with a stern face. I gave him a flick as if to say [Don’t come near me your stinky bastard] causing everyone around me to laugh, but his expression is hard and still quite cautious.

Also, based on their conversation, it seems that he was being teased by his teammates using the stinky story. That made me a bit envious that he has friends in his group.

(I wonder what kind of snake would this commander and Oppai-san would have a low chance of winning against?)

There shouldn’t be none, at least according to my knowledge, so I guess it might be a new kind.

I received the magic potion, put it in the container for it. And then followed them as the walk tilting their head.

I was walking at a different speed than them, so I tried walking slower, I also have to keep my vigilance of my surrounding. I walk with them keeping them in mind, unfortunately nothing is particularly interesting and the lack of changes makes it more boring too.

(It would be boring with just going along with them like this)

I can’t suppress my naughty thought and starting to look at the mercenary with a smile on my face, especially on Oppa-san’s butts which is really nice.

Monster Life – Chapter 44:

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