Bonkotsu Shinpei no Monster Raifu

Author: 橋広功
Alt Title: An Ordinary Recruit’s Monster Life


In an empire that is at war with all of it’s neighbor, our protagonist had been inevitably drafted to the army for being “extremely plain” and become a new recruit. However, what awaits him is not the battlefield, but an experimental facility! Following the leads of the empire’s scientist, he undergone genetic enhancement and change him into a monster.

The neighboring countries don’t care about the empire’s circumstances and our protagonist was never put into combat and was put to sleep.

200 years passed, and our protagonist wakes up from his cryogenic sleep to find that he has no more homeland to return to and thus begin his survival in the vast forest that was once the empire, with his monster body.

This is the story a very ordinary man, who becomes a high spec monster and survive