Reincarnating in a Depressing Game! I’ve been reincarnated in a galge that I’ve known all too well, so I’m going to destroy all the depressing flag and live freely!


A middle-aged man who once spent his youth on gal games found himself, waking up in the world of his old favorite galge, “Under the Clear Blue Sky” popularly known as “Kumosora” as the protagonist Naruse Yuuki.

Kumosora is a typical visual novel drama game that the middle-aged man used to play and is completely familiar on how to capture the game’s heroine’s route. Now he’s ready to embark on capturing the heroine – NOT!

Why?! Because the way to get the happy ending is too damn hard!

That’s right. Kumosora is a typical Japanese Romance-horror style galge set in the country-side with lots of depressing elements! And the game developer is a nasty guy known for his R18 humiliation game! No matter what route the protagonist takes he must endure a gruesome, painful and excruciating ordeal!

“I will never capture any heroine! I’m going to smash all these depressive flag even before they appear!”

Using his knowledge as a former broker and the knowledge about the future. The middle-aged man build up his financial strength to gain power.

“A depressing event at the head shrine, buy it and block it! Yakuza trying something lascivious to the heroine? Hire a mercenary and crush them!”

This is the story of a man who reincarnated in a depressing game and refuses to capture any heroines. And using his financial power, he forcibly destroys any depressing flags.

But, bhe saved heroine won’t stay silent…

“Puhihi. Yu-kun. good morning”

“Oi! Heroine-chan, stay away! I don’t want to go down on your [3000 years of Loneliness] route!”


Author: 穂積潜 (Hozumi Sen)


Character Sheet

Chapter 1: One day my parents died, then I realized that I’m already a middle-aged man.

Chapter 2: Youth is fleeting, even if it’s gray

Chapter 3: Is It Arrogant to Call Natto, the National Dish of Japan?

Chapter 4: Forcing the first route is a common occurrence

Chapter 5: Gal games are made up of writers’ massive ego

Chapter 6: The Normal End is Sweet (1)

Chapter 7: The Normal End is Sweet (2)

Chapter 8: One Piece is the best Weapon in the Countryside Summer!

Chapter 9: The pointless goofy part of life is the best part of the gal games.

Chapter 10: mysterious creature unique to gal game

Chapter 11: The Protagonist of the Gal Game Usually Runs Out of Money!

Chapter 12: The Main Character’s Parents are Rich Sometimes.

Chapter 13: the Protagonist’s parents are always crazy

Chapter 14: Heaven Depends on Money

Chapter 15: Ore-girl memorial service RTA

Chapter 16: Noja Loli Memorial Service RTA

Chapter 17:  Putting a Lid to Tricky Stuff

Chapter 18: Summer Vacation is a Jewel Box of Flags

Chapter 19: The Protagonist of a Gal Game is Someone Who Can Do It

Chapter 20: The Glasses Girl Declines (1)

Chapter 21: The Glasses Girl Declines (2)

Chapter 22: The Glasses Girl Declines (3)

Chapter 23: Helping an Idol While Waiting for KFC (1)

Chapter 24: Helping an Idol While Waiting for KFC (2)

Chapter 25: A Gal Game with a Good Best Friend Character is a Masterpiece

Chapter 26: A Kouhai Character was Saved

Chapter 27 Expecting the Unexpected (1)

Chapter 28: Expecting the unexpected (2)

Chapter 29: The Punch Line of a Test of Courage is Limited

Chapter 30: Ojou-sama Characters are Easy to Handle

Chapter 31: The Character of the Protagonist May Change for Each Route (Part 1)

Chapter 31: The Character of the Protagonist may change for each route (Part 2)

Chapter 32: Mom was right to be overprotective

Chapter 33: The Miko is also a Nurse(Part 1)

Chapter 33: The Miko is also a Nurse (Part 2)

Chapter 34: Dark Magic of Recovery

Chapter 35: A Lunatic Character’s Love is Easy (1)