While at the bottom, I found hope in a different world. – I can only go to a different world that is like a game, so I will raise my level and look back at everyone

Author: Kaze no Fuku mama ki no Muku mama (の吹くまま気の向くまま)

Raw: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054897158490


On the night of a meteor rain, monster-filled dungeons started sprouting all over the world. Peaceful days have come to an end and it has become the duty of the people to dive into the dungeons and hunts monster.

Having only the lowest rank ability, I was ridiculed and was turned into a luggage carrier. I spent diving in the dungeon. These hopeless days ended the time I picked up a piece of paper.

This is a story of how I, who was the weakest become the strongest and saved these two worlds.

Chapter coming soon